Alfian Jihan Saputra, Dominicus Danardono Dwi Prija Tjahjana, Muhammad Nizam, Mufti Reza Aulia Putra


Brake is a vital component of a vehicle, particularly for motor vehicles. One of the braking used the principle of Eddy Current Brake by utilizing electromagnetic. Eddy Current Brake is a braking technology without direct contact by utilizing eddy currents. Eddy Current Brake performance can be influenced by several factors, one of them is the surface shape of the disc conductor. Using finite element simulation, this research examines the impact of increasing the number of slot half-circles on the performance of the Eddy Current Brake with the number of slot changes. Variations number of slots that used are 6, 8, 10, and 12 slots. The result of this study obtained the best braking torque value in the variation with the number of 10 slots at a rotational speed of 450 rpm with a 15,930 Nm torque value. The addition slots of the number of half-circle types have a less significant effect on the torque from the simulation.

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PRINT ISSN No.: 2180-1053
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