Thermal Energy Transfer Across Solid of (110) Crystal Plane in Contact with Ultra-thin Liquid Film

Abdul Rafeq bin Saleman


The non-equilibrium molecular dynamics (NEMD) simulation of ultra-thin liquid film of solid in contact with liquid film has been examined. A high temperature and low temperature has been applied respectively on the left and right sides of  the solids, creates a constant heat flux throughout the simulation system. The effect of different liquid film thicknesses on the interfacial thermal resistance (ITR) at the contact interfaces of solid and liquid or interfaces of solid-liquid (S-L) has also been investigated. Different structural quantities have been observed for varied liquid film thicknesses. The oscillation of the density profile for liquid near solid surfaces decreases with the decrease in liquid film thickness. The ITR is calculated from the temperature discontinuity and heat flux near the contact interfaces of S-L. It has been discovered that although the temperature discontinuity near the interfaces of S-L is approximately the same, the ITR is significantly influenced by the thickness of the liquid film. According to the results, it has been understood that the smaller the thickness of the liquid film, the higher the thermal energy transfer across the interfaces of S-L

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