Experimental Investigation of The Performance of Bundy Tube Type Evaporator Coil in Chest Freezer

K. K. Radha, C. V. Rani, S. N. Sarada


Refrigeration is an enabling technology in a wide range of applications mainly required in food preservation and it always needs an improvement in performance and low manufacturing cost. Chest freezers are used for this purpose. Emerging experimental studies are focused on the optimization in terms of the design and development of evaporator coils under various operating conditions. Evaporators are manufactured in different shapes, types and designs to suit diverse nature of cooling requirements. Bundy tube, a double wall copper brazed tube which is a material may be a promising innovation in the development of evaporator coils and the present investigation is to be carried out using R-134a as a refrigerant. The experimental investigation on bundy evaporator coil used in chest freezer of 425 Lts. capacity is done. Through the experiments, the length of the evaporator coil is optimized with increase in performance and reduced cost.

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