Vol 6, No 1 (2022)

In Press

Table of Contents

Closed-Loop Systems of Line Follower Robot Using Camera Vision
W.H.M. Saad, M.N. Habib, Z.M. Noh, Z. Manap, M.S.J.A Razak
The Conceptualisation of Strategic Talent Management for Oil and Gas Companies in the UAE
I. Al Hammadi, S. Sidek, S.A. Al-shami
The Growth and Challenges of SMEs in Abu Dhabi
S. Al-Ali, S. Sidek, S.A. Al-shami
Startup Performance: Mapping Pillars of Global Entrepreneurship Index and The Development of Studies
Y.K. Dewi, H. Hanifah, A.P. Teoh

ISSN : 2590-3551, eISSN : 2600-8122     

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