Closed-Loop Systems of Line Follower Robot Using Camera Vision

W.H.M. Saad, M.N. Habib, Z.M. Noh, Z. Manap, M.S.J.A Razak


Computer vision of robotic applications has given a lot of benefits to robotic advancement. This study aims to design a robot that can follow a dark line path using a camera vision. A vision-based is a new technology that uses an image processing technique instead of using a sensor. An effective closed-loop control system is used to overcome the robot's problems, moving out from the track by using a line searching mechanism. This project used NI-myRIO as an embedded platform for image processing and robot motion. The NI-myRIO is connected to LabVIEW on PC wirelessly for broader processing capability while providing maximum mobility to the robot to move freely on the designated track. Aiming for the guided line to always be at the center of the region viewing window, each tire's speed on the left and right part of the mobile robot is controlled accordingly. The result shows that using a line searching algorithm with a camera vision line follower robot improves an overall mobile robot performance to follow the line without failure with faster speed.


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