Vol 3, No 2 (2019)

Table of Contents

A Framework to Investigate the Use of MYeHalal Online System PDF
S. Arif, N.A. Bakar, S. Sidek 1-10
A Review: Adoption Implementation of E-Procurement in Organization PDF
S.N.M.S.A. Rahman, M.S.M. Radzai, N.S. Hamdan, H. Musa 11-16
Performance of Standard and Customized Search Interfaces PDF
E. Natsheh 17-22
A New Structure of Stereo Algorithm Using Pixel Based Differences and Weighted Median Filter PDF
Y. Gan, R.A. Hamzah, N.S. Nik Anwar 23-28
Voltage Variation Analysis by Using Gabor Transform PDF
Weihown Tee, M.R. Yusoff, A.R. Abdullah 29-34
Open Educational Resources (OERs) Development in Nigeria: Determining Task Technology Fit (TTF) Impact on Faculty Usage, Satisfaction and Performance PDF
F.B. Osang 35-46
Integrating RBF-based Neural Network Face Expression Recognition in Access System PDF
Ch’ng Yau Yau, A.F. Kadmin, S.F. Abd. Gani, S.F. Abd. Gani, K.A.A. Aziz, R.A. Hamzah, R.A. Hamzah, A.Z. Jidin 47-54
Analyzing Customer Satisfaction: Consumer Behavior towards the Selection of Beauty Products in Klang Valley PDF
N.Z. Nizam, N. Mansor, S.H. Supaat 55-60
Sustainability and Future Challenges of Halal Product Consumption PDF
N.Z. Nizam, S.H. Supaat, N.R. Masrom 61-68
Critical Success Factors in Sustainable Credit Risk Model Among Manufacturing Companies in Malaysia PDF
M.H. Bakar, S.N. Yahaya, N. Mansor 69-74
Factors That Affect the Green Technology Awareness in Melaka PDF
N. Nazir Ali, M. Ahmad Murad, J. Jabar 75-80
Enhancing Organizational Performance: An Investigation of the Impact of Employees’ Commitment PDF
A. Sufian, C.C. Lee 81-88
Privacy Risk of Personal Information Exposure PDF
N. Yahya, N. Mansor, N.Z. Nizam, R. Ruslan 89-94
Understanding The Role of Khalifa for the Foundation of Wizard Khalifa Tourism PDF
A.A.M. Any, N.N. Ahmat, A. Robani, F.S. Fen, S.A. Abas, M. Saad 95-102

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