Optimization of Resistance Spot Welding Process Parameters using MOORA Approach

Pathiyasseril Sreeraj


Optimization of resistance spot welding (RSW) process parameters was carried out to obtain optimal parametric combination to yield favourable weld nugget diameter, heat affected zone (HAZ) and breaking load in AISI 316 L austenitic stainless steel plates. Taguchi’s L16 orthogonal array (OA) design and signal- to- noise ratio (S/N ratio) have been used in this study. Weld nugget diameter, heat affected zone (HAZ) and breaking load are selected as objective functions. In this case the multi objective optimization on the basis of ratio analysis (MOORA) is applied to solve this multi objective, problem. MOORA in combination with standard deviation (SDV) was used for optimization process. Standard deviation (SDV) was used to determine the weights that were used for normalizing the responses obtained from the experimental results. It was found that welding current of 14 kA, welding time 14 cycle, electrode force 200Kgf and holding time 10 cycle produced the weldment with the best mechanical properties. This method can be used successfully in other welding applications.

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