Hydromagnetic Short Bearing

G.M. Deheri, R.M. Patel, P.A. Vadher


This article deals with the performance of a hydromagnetic short porous bearing. An electrically conducting lubricant in the presence of a transverse magnetic field has been taken into consideration while the plates are electrically conducting. The related Reynolds’ equation governing the fluid film pressure is solved under suitable boundary conditions to get the pressure distribution leading to the computation of load carrying capacity. The results presented in graphical form establish that the bearing system registers an improved performance due to hydromagnetization. Besides, the load carrying capacity increases considerably with respect to the conductivity. It is revealed that the negative effect of porosity and the ratio of breadth to height can be neutralized up to a considerable extent by the positive effect of hydromagnetization suitably choosing the plate conductivity and the aspect ratio. It is found that the hydromagnetization presents the friction at both the plates to be equal.

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