A non-dimensional study on both analytic and numeric thermo-elastic behavior of ‎functionally graded thick-walled cylinders under a combination of thermo-‎mechanical loads

Hadi Shirazi, Majid Abedi, Alireza Asnafi, Milad Salimi


Using non-dimensional parameters, the governing equations of the homogeneous and heterogeneous cylinders made of functionally graded material (FGM) were derived under a combination of thermo-mechanical loads. The equations were solved analytically and numerically in a severe temperature and pressure gradient environment. The radial and circumferential stresses together with the radial displacement of FGM cylinder were analytically evaluated and the obtained results of heterogeneous FGM cylinder were compared with conventional homogeneous one. Moreover, in order to assess the accuracy of the derived equations, a numerical solution (NS) was performed using finite element method which was in accordance with the analytical solution (AS). The results of present work show that the use of FGM can optimize the cylinders which are exposed to the joint mechanical and thermal loads.

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PRINT ISSN No.: 2180-1053
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