Design and Development of Low Cost Bending Machine

Ir Dr Mohd Shukri Yob


Bending process has been a core step in fabricating and manufacturing products nowadays. As the industries are rapidly growth, the demand in machineries is also growing including the bending machine. However, for personal and light use, commercial bending machine are rather expensive and heavy. Thus, this study intended to design, fabricate, and analyze a low-cost manually operated bending machine for light use. The bending machine was design based on the intended function and the ergonomics to users particularly Malaysian. The bending machine was first designed and then fabricated using mild steel as its main materials due to its high hardness and easy to be welded. Then, the bending machine was tested to pressed two different size and two different thickness of aluminum sheet. Then, Finite Element Analysis was conducted on the bending machine’s component which are bender plate and bending base to find the allowable maximum stress and deformation. The findings shows that the bending machine are able to bend both large and small aluminum plate thickness 1.0 mm and below without facing any part deformation or failures.

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