Inspection interval determination for ship systems using an integrated PROMETHEE method and delay time model

Ikuobase Emovon


Optimum inspection maintenance decision problem is a multi-criteria problem which many researchers have viewed as a single criterion problem such as mainly using downtime or cost as the basis for selecting interval for the task. However a combination of a number of criteria can yield a more appropriate interval for inspection maintenance task for ship system. This paper proposes an integrated PROMETHEE technique and delay time concept for implementing optimum inspection interval for ship systems based on combination of conflicting decision criteria. While the delay time concept is used to model decision criteria, the PROMETHEE method is used to aggregate decision criteria and ranking of alternative inspection interval. The PROMETHEE technique had been enhanced in this paper by incorporating utility function concept into it in order to embed maintenance practitioners risk perception into the decision making process. The applicability and suitability of this methodology is demonstrated with two case studies.

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