Exergo-economic analysis of performance of a gas turbine power generation system with a solar air preheater

Masoud Valizadeh


The power generation sector, especially the gas turbine, is one of the most critical sources in order to eliminate greenhouse gases worldwide. In a thermodynamic system, exergo-economic analysis is utilized as a means to specify the inefficient thermo-dynamic points, where the highest loss of
exergy arises. In this paper, engineering equation solver (EES) software and exergo-economic analysis, which uses both the second-law of thermodynamics and economic principles, are utilized to evaluate the economical and exergetical performance of the gas turbine with solar air preheater. The gas turbine without preheating of the air entering the combustion chamber is first investigated.
Then, based on three concepts including relative difference, exergo-economic coefficient and exergetic efficiency, a comparison study is performed between the gas turbine with and without solar air preheater. The results clearly reveal that by increasing the inlet temperature of the combustion chamber from 620˚K to 820˚K, the exergy factor increases from 0.41% to 0.68%. Also, the consumption of gas turbine with solar air preheater is reduced from 8.99 kg/s to 7.84 kg/s by raising the inlet temperature of the combustion chamber. As a result, it is noteworthy to express that the exergetic efficiency is increased from 58.4% to 63.4%.

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