Thermal Performance Analysis of Nano Enhanced Paraffin Wax and Myristic Acid

Ajay M Nair, P Vinod kumar Naidu, Dr Rajiv Kukreja


In the present study, Paraffin wax and Myristic acid were chosen as PCM for the analysis. Further, nanoparticles of copper and micro particles of aluminium and Graphite were used for the analysis of enhancement in thermal performance of PCMs. Charging and storing period analysis have also been conducted to compare the performance of different composites. From the charging period analysis, it has been found that Graphite composites are performing better than copper and aluminium composites. From the both charging and storing period analysis, among composites of Paraffin wax, both 1% copper and 1% graphite composites are giving more satisfactory results than all other composites of paraffin wax and among composites of Myristic acid, it can be concluded that graphite composites are giving more satisfactory results than all other composite, in which 3% graphite is the optimum composition.

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