Abrasive Wear Behavior of Al6061- Frit particulate composites

D. Ramesh, R.P. Swamy, T.K. Chandrashekar


In recent decades, aluminium alloy based metal matrix composites are gaining important role in several engineering applications. Al6061 alloy has been used as matrix material due to its good formability, excellent mechanical properties and etc., wide spectrum of the applications in industrial sectors. Inclusion of Frit particulates as reinforcement in Al6061 alloy material system improves its hardness, tensile strength, wear resistance. In this present investigation Al6061-Frit particulate composites were produced by ‘VORTEX’ method with varying percentages of Frit particulate from 0 wt% to 10 wt% in steps of 2.The as-cast matrix alloy and its composites have been subjected to solutionizing treatment at a temperature of 5300C for 2 hours followed by quenching in ice. The quenched specimens were subjected to both natural and artificial ageing. Microstructure studies were conducted on as cast and composites in order to investigate the distribution of frit particles retained in matrix material system. Densities of Al6061 matrix alloy and Al6061-Frit particulate composites were measured. Mechanical properties such as Hardness and sand abrasive wear test have been conducted on both Al6061 alloy matrix and Al6061-Frit particulate composite before and after treatment. It has been observed that under identical treatment conditions adopted, a Al6061- Frit particulate composites exhibited significant improvement in hardness, wear resistance and reduced density when compared with Al6061 matrix alloy.

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