Effect of Bolt Layout on the Mechanical Behavior of Four Bolted Shear Joint using Three – Dimensional Finite Element Analysis

H. Khurshid


Bolted joint is a typical connection that is widely used in the machine assemblies and construction of structural components etc. Bolted joints when put in use encounter one or more type of working loads. In general, analysis of bolted joint is not simple, it involves many factors such as bolt pretensioning, number of bolts, number of members, clearance between the bolt and hole, flange thickness, loading conditions and friction coefficient, etc. Here, a comprehensive study is conducted to investigate the effect of four-bolted joint layout on the mechanical behavior of the joint. Threedimensional model is analyzed in shear type of loading. This model helps us to visualize the localized points of high stress concentration that is not possible by using two dimensional or axisymmetric models. Displacement pattern and stress distribution in different arrangements is studied. Critical regions and the critical bolt are being identified.

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