Combination of CFD and Monte Carlo Simulation to Investigate the Nonlinear Behavior of a Non-aging Visc oelastic Plate in Subsonic Flow

H. Mohammadian, A. Asnafi, H. Moradi


Usually in studying the conventional fluid-solid interaction problems, both the flow field and the solid structure must be jointly meshed and solved. This takes a huge amount of iteration and time for calculation even for simple specific examples. One of the most industrial elements used in fuselage of aero-space systems is the plate whose instability and behavior, especially in the case of large deformation, is so vital due to its effect on the overall performance of the system. In this paper, utilizing a new method that combines the CFD and Monte Carlo simulation, the nonlinear behavior of a two dimensional simply supported non aging viscoelastic plate located in a subsonic flow is investigated. First, relative to the plate boundary conditions, the whole behavior of the plate is estimated. Then, using CFD simulation, the flow field is solved for some various plate deformations. This prepared a bank of data for the domain of plate response. Due to the dynamic behavior of a turbulent flow which presents highly nonlinear terms and disturbances; the aerodynamic forces are modeled by some random forcing functions using statistical procedure. Finally, using Monte Carlo simulation used for randomly excited ODEs, the forces evaluated from CFD for each deformation are applied to the nonlinear equation of motion of the plate and the behavior and possible instabilities are investigated.

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