Determination of Elastic Modulus Value for Selectively Laser Melted Titanium Alloy Micro-Struty

Rafidah Hasan, R.A.W. Mines, S. Tsopanos


Experimental method in determination of elastic modulus (E value) for micro scale specimen can be a debated issue, in the aspect of reliability and robustness of the results. Attention shall be given to the limiting factors which influence the techniques and procedure, such as the sample’s size, properties and geometries. It is also important to incorporate the microstructural effects toward producing a more understandable results. Analysis of tensile property for titanium alloy (Ti-6Al-4V) micro-struts manufactured from selective laser melting (SLM) rapid prototyping technology is presented in this paper. The result is found comparable to a standard value and will be used in future analysis of micro-lattice performance as core material in sandwich structure.

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