Modeling Of Lower Extremity For Joint Torques Determination By Performing A Lifting Task

Ku Nor Syamimi Ku Ismail, Sazali B. Yaacob, M. Murugappan, Shafriza Nisha Basah, Nur Hidayah Omar


Physical lifting tasks commonly involve two types of body postures,
namely, squat lifting and stoop lifting. Studies shows improper body
posture during lifting task has detrimental effect to human lower-back
region over extended period of time. This is because generally, stoop-lifting
posture exerts relatively higher moments and compression forces on human
back than squat lifting posture. However, this claim was never thoroughly
examined and validated from mathematical model approach. This paper
proposes a mathematical model to represent the lower extremity of human
body during lifting tasks, based on a two-link kinematic open chain in two
dimensional spaces. Thus, all moment of torque and their effect to every
part of lower extremity of human body can be thoroughly analyzed.

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