Conceptual Design of a Motorcycle Tire Dismounting Tool for One-Handed User

Mohd Nizam Sudin, Safwan Zamani


Most existing products are designed without consideration of one-handed users. This includes the equipment and tools normally used in motorcycle workshops. A majority of these products demand a two-handed user by default and unintentionally deny access to one-handed users. Thus, this project aims to design and fabricate a prototype of a motorcycle tire dismounting tool intended for one-handed users. The project starts with a preliminary study, a preliminary concepts evaluation, concepts generation, concept selection and concept refinement. Methods such as observation, brainstorming and the weighted objective method were employed in the course of the design process. Solid modeling software, CATIA V5 was used to produce a 3D drawing of the concept designs and the final design of the motorcycle tire dismounting tool. Finally, the prototype of the tool was built and tested. The tire dismounting process is possible to carry out with one hand using this product. Users just need to push or pull the handle of the product with a 29 N force.

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