Optimization of Cutting Parameter during Turning Using Different Cutting Fluids

Nilesh Chandrabhan Ghuge, Ashish M Mahalle


Efforts were made to completely eliminate the toxic cutting fluids. In this regards interest in vegetable oil is growing. Minimum quantity lubrication using vegetable based cutting fluids can be used to improve the productivity and avoid environmental detriment. The main objectives of this research are to develop low cost MQL system and to evaluate performance of vegetable oil based on surface roughness. The performance of different vegetable oils such as blasocut-4000, soyabean oil, sunflower oil, groundnut oil and coconut oil is compared during turning AISI 4130. Analysis of the experimental results is performed using response surface methodology. Mathematical model for each performance parameter is developed showing relation between significant parameters such as cutting speed, depth of cut and feed rate. ANOVA test is performed to check the competency of the developed model. Optimization of the process parameter is carried out using response surface optimizer. Desirability is calculated to show the feasibility of optimization. The experimental results show that vegetable oil outperforms the mineral based fluid. Among all the vegetable oil soyabean oil gave the best result

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