Vol 4, No 1 (2020)

Table of Contents

Efficient Signatures Verification System Based on Artificial Neural Networks PDF
H. Said-Ahmed, E. Natsheh 1-10
Demonstration of Palm Vein Pattern Biometric Recognition by Machine Learning PDF
Z.M. Noh, M. Hanafi, R.A. Ramlee, S.A. Radzi 11-18
Design and Development of Product Sorting Robot PDF
Z. Othman, J.S. Wong, N.A. Zailan, T.D. Ponniah, F. Kasmin, S.S.S. Ahmad 19-26
Application of AHP on SMED for Jig and Fixture Design Selection PDF
W.H.W. Mahmood, A.N.M. Amin, L. Hanapiah 27-38
The Challenges faced by Public Sector Governance in implementing e-Procurement System: A Case Study of Education Department of Malacca PDF
N.H. Ngatman, H.S.S Alderei, H. Musa 39-44
Trajectory Generation for Hip Rehabilitation Exoskeleton Using Trajectory PDF
M.R. Sapiee, M.H. Marhaban, M.F. Miskon, A.J. Ishak 45-52
Purchase Intention of Customers Toward Health Products in Melaka State PDF
N.A. Marhaban, N.A. Rahim, F.R. Azmi, N. Hamdan, H. Musa 53-58
Microcredit, Technology Adoption and Economic Development of Rural Household PDF
I.A Jumbri, N.N.M. Nasir, S.M. Sharif, M.Z. Zainudin, A.F. Ismail 59-70
An investigation of the relationship between Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction in Melaka Bookstore PDF
N.A. Rashid, A.K.A. Hamid, N. Said, H. Musa 71-80
Marketing in Malaysian Technology Firms PDF
A. Othman, S. Marimuthu, N. Mohamad, M.M. Abdullah, N.A.A. Rahman, J. Jamal 81-88
The Influence of Green Marketing Mix on Consumer Purchase Intention Towards Green Products PDF
N.A.S.A Sabri, N. Mansor, H. Musa 89-94
Does Government Expenditure in Education Cause Economic Growth: ASEAN-5 Perspective PDF
S. Taasim 95-100
A Conceptual Framework of Service Quality and Patient Loyalty in Muslim Friendly Healthcare PDF
N.A.I. Azman, N. Rashid, N. Ismail, S. Samer 101-106
Expected Tourist Attractions After Pandemic Covid-19 PDF
Z. Ariawan, N.N. Ahmat 107-112

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