Vol 3, No 1 (2019)

Table of Contents

The Mediating Effect of Innovation on The Relationship between Strategic Management Dimensions and Construction Project Development: A Conceptual Framework PDF
M.S.M. Al-Ali, H. Musa 1-10
Hand Parameters and Walking Stick Design: A Case Study among Elderly Malaysian PDF
A. Saptari, I. Halim, M.S.S. Mohamed, A.M. Fauzi 11-18
Study of EMG Feature Selection for Hand Motions Classification PDF
J. Too, A.R. Abdullah, N.M. Saad 19-24
A development of mobile-based directory for UCSI University (UCSI Mobiletory) PDF
L.C. Jing, A.S. Shibghatullah, C.T.C. Ling 25-30
Evaluation Study an Integrated Vital Sign Device by using Glucose Sensor for Auto-Capture of Biological Data PDF
A.K.R.A. Jaya, A.M. Kassim, S. Syahid, A.H. Azahar 31-38
Focus Loss While Driving Detection by Using Prior Stage ERP as Baseline PDF
M.M.M Aminuddin, H.M. Nasir 39-46
Simulation analysis for assembly line workstation layout: case study PDF
I.B. Mohd, A. Ibrahim 47-54
Flexible Parallel Bar for Physiotherapy Purposes PDF
S.N.S. Mirin, T.M.M. Mohsin, K.A.M. Annuar 55-64
Strategies for Learner-Generated Comic Production in Classroom: A Comparative Analysis PDF
F.N. Azman, S.B. Zaibon, N. Shiratuddin, M.L. Dolhalit 65-74
Integrated Management System: The Converging of Key Quality Standards into Single Standard PDF
H. Muzaimi, S.R. Hamid, S. Isa, B.C. Chew 75-82
Employer impression as amoderator relationship for employer satisfaction with engineering graduates skill at malaysia manufacturing industry PDF
H. Saleh 83-86
The Impact of Macroeconomic Factor to Household Debt in Malaysia: A Theoretical Framework PDF
S.N. Yahaya, N.A. Sarwe 87-94
A Framework of Project-Based Learning for Enhancing Student Competencies through Digital Video Production PDF
L.S. Hoe, T.C. Chuan, H. Husin 95-100
The Development of an Automated Irrigation System Using an Open Source Microcontroller PDF
A. Hassan, W.M. Shah, N. Harum, N. Bahaman, F. Mansourkiaie 101-108

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