Vol 2, No 2 (2018)

Table of Contents

IPv6 Readiness towards Future Internet of Things (IoT) PDF
A. Main, N.A. Zakaria 1-8
Interactive Online Advertising: The Effectiveness of Marketing Strategy towards Customers Purchase Decision PDF
N.Z. Nizam, J.A. Jaafar 9-16
Integrated Robotics STEM Curriculum Towards Industry 4.0 PDF
Jiea P.Y., Hanipah H., Sharifah S.S.A. 17-24
Design and Tuning PID Fuzzy Controllers for Armature-controlled DC Motors PDF
Essam Natsheh 25-36
Technical Education Assessment System Based on Fuzzy System PDF
Ahmad S.S.S., M. Anwar N.B., Othman Z., Kasmin F. 37-42
Development of Pupil Detection in Eye Movement with Raspberry Pi PDF
Z. Zainal Abidin, N.A. Zakaria, Z. Ayop, N. Harum 43-48
Microwave Imaging Technique for Detection of Multiple Line Cracks in Concrete Material PDF
E.A. Jiya, N.S.N. Anwar, S.A. Bala, E. Bello 49-56
Customer Satisfaction And Customer Retention Towards Retail Store In Malaysia PDF
Dinesh P., Norida A., Ali H.M.R. 57-66
The Usability of C++ Interactive Self-Assessment Quiz (i-SAQ) PDF
N.S. Ibrahim, H. Hasmy, A.Y. Kapi, A. Suhaimi 67-74
Automatic Road Crack Segmentation Using Thresholding Methods PDF
F. Kasmin, Z. Othman, S.S. Syed Ahmad 75-82
User Autonomy Across Demographics in Mobile Health Applications PDF
S. Anawar, F.N. Mahmud, Z. Ayop, E. Hamid, W.H. Yeoh 83-90
Digital Workplace Model for Research University Publication Collaboration PDF
N.A.A. Bakar, S. Ya'acob, N.H. Hassan 91-102
The Effectiveness of Blended Learning Approach with Student’s Perceptions in Control Systems Engineering Course PDF
R. Ghazali, C.C. Soon, Z. Has, S.N.S. Hassan, D. Hanafi 103-108
A User-Centered Design Approaches for Developing Web Information System for Stroke Care (WISS) PDF
Hassan N.H., A. Bakar N.A., Md. Nasir M.H.N., Maarop N.A. 109-114

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