Vol 1, No 1 (2017)

Table of Contents

Integrating Policies, Practices and E-Marketing Examination on Customer Satisfaction Capability for Scholarly Publishing in Malaysian Public Universities PDF
R. Ali, A.Y. Bani Hashim 01-12
Study on Different Range of NIR Sensor Measurement for Different Concentration of Glucose Solution PDF
W.H. Mohd Saad, N.A. Abd Salam, F. Salehuddin, M.H. Azmi Ali, S.A. Abd. Karim 13-18
A Framework on New Travel Demand Model Based on Potential Travelers and Surrounding Land Uses for Rapid Transit PDF
Z. Abal Abas 19-24
Classification of EMG Signal Based on Time Domain and Frequency Domain Features PDF
J. Too, A.R. Abdullah, T.N.S. Tengku Zawawi, N. Mohd Saad, H. Musa 25-30
An Analysis of Human Silhouettes with Normalised Silhouettes Images and Shape Fourier Descriptors PDF
P.L. Wong, Z. Abal Abas 31-36
Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) Architecture for Mosul, Iraq PDF
A.S. Shibghatullah, M.M. Mohammed, M. Doheir, A.N. Majed 37-42
The Influences of Consumer Preference Characteristics towards Green Product: A Case of Naturemill Bin PDF
S.K. Mustafa, H. Musa, A.R. Abdullah, F.R. Azmi 43-50
A Multidimensional Decision Making Model for Information Technology Investments in Universities PDF
N. Khairudin, M.N. Abdul Hamid 51-60
Development of an Arm Rehabilitation System with Different Control Approaches PDF
R. Ghazali, M.S.M. Aris, M.S.Z. Anuar, C.C. Soon, M.H. Jali, T.A. Izzuddin, D. Hanafi 61-66
Automated Bus Crew Rescheduling for Late for Sign-On (LFSO) Event using Multi-Agent System PDF
A.S. Shibghatullah, S. Safei, Z. Abal Abas, Z. Zainal Abidin, H. Musa, H. Rahmalan 67-72

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