Vol 7, No 1

Table of Contents


Optimization of the Running Speed of Ant Colony Algorithm with Address-based Hardware Method PDF
Elnaz Shafigh Fard, Khalil Monfaredi 1-4
An Improved Retraining Scheme for Convolutional Neural Network PDF
A.R. Syafeeza, M.Khalil Hani, N.M Saad, F. Salehuddin, Hamid N.A 5-9
Wideband Inductorless Low-Noise Amplifier Using Three Feedback Paths PDF
Mahsa Emami Tabar, Jafar Sobhi, Ziaeddin Daie KuzeKanani 11-16
The Potential of Silicon Photonic Devices based on Micro-Ring Resonator PDF
Nadia A.A, Hazura H., Hanim A.R. 17-20
Analysis and Validation of The Effect of Various Queueing Configurations to the End-to-end Throughput of Multi-Hop Wireless Network PDF
Peng Hou Ho, Kim Chuan Lim, Kae Hsiang Kwong 21-29
Design Modeling and Characterizations os SOI-based Parallel Cascaded MRR Array (PCMMRA) By Coupled Mode Theory PDF
Hazura Haroon, Sahbudin Shaari, Menon P.S, N. Arsad, Hanim A.R 31-35
A Fuzzy Expert System for Facial Expression Recognition PDF
Masoumeh Rezaei, Mansoureh Rezaei 37-41
Using Hybrid Query Tree to Cope with Capture Effect in RFID Tag Identification PDF
Milad Haj Mirzaei, Masoud Ghiasbeigi 43-46
Review on Auto-Depth Control System for an Unmanned Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) using Intelligent Controller PDF
Mohd Shahrieel Mohd Aras, Shahrum Shah Abdullah, F.A Azis 47-55
Auto Depth Control for Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles Using a Flexible Ballast Tank System PDF
M.S.M Aras, S.S Abdullah, F.A Azis, M.K.M Zambri, M.F Basar 57-64
Development of An Instrument for Road Edge Measurement PDF
N.Latif A.Shaari, Ida S. Md. Isa, Hasnawi S.A 65-70
Image Duplication and Rotation Algorithms for Storage Utilization PDF
Tioh Keat Soon, Abd Samad Hasan Basari, Burairah Hussin 71-76
Modeling The Wayfinding Queueing Bottleneck in Autonomous Evacuation Navigation System Using Simulation Approaches PDF
Khyrina Airin Fariza Abu Samah, Burairah Hussin, Abd Samad Hasan Basari 77-80
Fuzzy Depth Based Routing Protocol for Underwater Acoustic Wireless Sensor Networks PDF
Reza Mohammadi, Reza Javidan, Ahmad Jalili 81-86
Statistical Analysis of The Most Popular Software Service Effort Estimation Datasets PDF
Amid Khatibi Bardsiri, Seyyed Mohsen Hashemi, Mohammadreza Razzazi 87-96
Simulation Study on Self-frequency Tracking Control Strategy for Inductive Power Transfer System PDF
Norezmi Jamal, Shakir Saat, Yusmarnita Yusop, Thoriq Zaid, Huzaimah Husin 97-102
Current Development in LTE/LTE-Advanced: Adaptive-Proportional Fair Scheduling in LTE PDF
M.K. Ismail, A. Awang Md Isa, M.S Johal, M.S.I M.Zain 103-108

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