Vol 5, No 2

Table of Contents


Quality of Service Mapping Over WiFi+WiMAX and Wifi+LTE Networks PDF
Dmitry Zvikhachevskiy, Juwita Mohd Sultan, Kaharudin Dimyati 1-9
A Low Profile Switchable Pattern Directivity Antenna Using Circular Sectorized EBG PDF
M.S. M.Isa, R.J Langley, S. Khamas, A. Awang Md Isa, M.S.I M.Zain, Z. Zakaria, N.Z Haron, A. Ahmad 11-18
Analysis of WiMAX Positioning Using Received-Signal-Strength Method PDF
A. Awang Md Isa, M. M.Hud, M.H. Othman, M.S. M.Isa, M.S.I M.Zain, N.Z Haron, A.S Jaafar 19-25
Dual-Band e-Shaped Antenna for RFID Reader PDF
M. Abu, E.E Hussin, M.A Amin, T.Z M.Raus 27-31
Application of Taguchi Method in Optimization of Shallow PN Junction Formation PDF
Maria Mansor, F. Salehuddin, I. Ahmad, Zulkifli Mansor, K.E. Kaharudin, Nasaruddin Mohammad, N.Amizan Abd Rahman, A.S Mohd Zain, N. Idris, N.Z Haron 33-38
GA-Based Reliability Enhancement in Distribution Systems Through Sagged Bus Numbers Reduction by Optimal Placement of Unified Series-Shunt Compensator PDF
Mohammad Mohammadi 39-47
Characterization & Optimization of 32nm P-Channel MOSFET Device PDF
Nasaruddin Mohammad, F. Salehuddin, H.A Elgomati, I. Ahmad, N. Amizan Abd Rahman, Maria Mansor, Zulkifli Mansor, K.E. Kaharudin, A.S Mohd Zain, N.Z Haron 49-53

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