Vol 3, No 2

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Brain Lesion Segmentation from Diffusion-Weighted MRI Based on Adaptive Thresholding and Gray Level Co-Occurence Matrix PDF
Norhashimah Mohd Saad, S.A.R Abu Bakar, Abdul Rahim Abdullah, Lizawati Salahuddin, Sobri Muda, Musa Mokji 1-13
Ray Tracing Algorithm for Specific Indoor Propagation Modeling PDF
Juwita M.S, Ummi Syafiqah S., Mohd Riduan A. 15-21
Design of LNA at 5.8GHz with Cascode and Cascaded Techniques using T-Matching Network for WiMAX Applications PDF
A.B Ibrahim, Hussain M.N, Othman A.R, Johal M.S 23-27
Automated Detecting Arcus Senilis, Symptom for Cholesterol Presence Using Iris Recognition Algorithm PDF
R.A Ramlee, K.A Aziz, S. Ranjit, Mazran Esro 29-39
Current-Voltage Analysis of Nanoscale Planar and Vertical MOSFT Incorporating Dielectric Pocket PDF
Z.A.F. M. Napiah, A.S Ja'afar, I. Saad, M.A Riyadi, R. Ismail 41-45
The Investigation of Polarozation Diversity in MIMO System at 2.4GHz PDF
M.Z.A Abd Aziz, M.K.A Rahim, M.F.A Kadir, M.K Suaidi, Z. Daud, M.H Jamaluddin 47-54
Face Recognition using Fixed Spread Radial Basis Function Neural Network for Security System PDF
Khairul Azha Abd Aziz, Rostam Affendi Hamzah, Shahrum Shah Abdullah, Ahmad Nizam Jahari, Siti Dhamirah 'Izzati Damni 55-59
Substrate Integrated Waveguide Filters based on Even-And Odd-Mode Predistortion Technique PDF
Z. Zakaria, Ian C Hunter 61-71
300 GHz Detection Using High Electron Mobility Transistor (HEMT) as Sub-THz Detector PDF
M.A Othman, I. Harrison 73-77
A Novel Voice Priority Queue (VPQ) Schedule and Algorithm for VoIP over WLAN Network PDF
Kashif Nisar, Suhaidi Hassan, Mohammed M.Kadhum 79-94

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