Vol 3, No 1

Table of Contents


Wideband 5.8 GHz Radio Frequency Amplifier with 3 dB Π- Network Attenuator Isolation PDF
A. R Othman, A. H Hamidon, M.N Husain, M.S Johal, A.B Ibrahim 1-6
Distributed T-way Test Suite Generator System Using Master Worker Execution Model PDF
Ong Hui Yeh, Kamal Zuhairi Zamli 7-13
Dual Polarization Single Port Inset Feed Microstrip Patch Array Antenna PDF
M.Z.A. Abd Aziz, M.S.R. Mohd Shah, M.K. Suaidi, M.K.A. Rahim 15-20
Feasibility Study of Electric Photovoltaic Solar Panel Set Aplication PDF
Farhana Zainuddin, Norizah Mohamad, Shafrudin Masri, Mohd Noor Azimmi Redzuan 21-30
Forward Error Correction for Image Transmission System using IEEE 802.15.4 PDF
D.P. Andito, F. W. Yap, K. C. Lim, T.H. Oh, W. K. Yeo 31-38
Grayscale Medical Image Compression Using Feedforward Neural Networks PDF
W. K. Yeo, F. W. Yap, D. P. Andito, M. K. Suaidi 39-44
Inverse phi Shape Sloted Planar Atenna for RFID Application PDF
N.M. Nor, I.M. Ibrahim, M.K. Suaidi, M. Abu 45-53
MIMO Positioning for IMT-Advanced Systems Based on Geometry Approach in NLOS Environments PDF
A. Awang Md Isa, G. Markarian 55-68
Receiver Front-End Bandwidth Enhancement Design PDF
M.F.L. Abdullah, R.J Green 69-78
3D Image Plane from Stereo Camera Calibration on Extrinsic Parameters in Stereo Vision Aplication PDF
R. A. Hamzah, N. M. Z Hashim, H. N. Rosly, M. S. Hamid, K. A. A. Aziz 79-86

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