Vol 8, No 1

January - April 2016

Table of Contents


Design Characterization and Verification of Channel Bandwidth Selectivity and Linearity Performance of I/Q Baseband Receiver SoC PDF
Basir Saibon 1-11
Compact Circular Polarized Antenna Design with H-Shaped Slots and Stair Notches for Wireless LAN Application of 2.4 GHz PDF
Kamarul Ariffin Abd Rashid, Muhammad Majdi Saad, Mohamad Zoinol Abd Aziz, Nornikman Hassan 13-17
Comparison of Meaningful Sound vs No Sound for Avoiding Attention Drifting Phenomenon While Driving PDF
Shafiee Super, M.M. M. Aminuddin, H. M. Dom 19-23
A Small Ultra-Wideband Unidirectional Microstrip Antenna for Through-Wall Radar Application PDF
Tommi Hariyadi, Yusron Tri Huda, Budi Mulyanti 25-28
MRR Filter Characterizations in WDM System for Digital Signals Transmissions PDF
Hazura Haroon, N. Nadia Abd Aziz, Hanim A.R., A.S. Mohd Zain, S.K. Othman, Fauziyah Salehuddin 29-32
New Method for the Construction of Optical Zero Cross Correlation Code Using Block Matrices in OCDMA-OFDM Systemn Code Using Blocks Matrices in OCDMA-OFDM System PDF
A. Cherifi, B. Yagoubi, B.S. Bouazza, A.O. Dahman 33-39
Optical Routers based on Microring Resonator for Optical Networks-on-chip PDF
Hazura Haroon, Nadia A.A., Hanim A.R., A.S. Mohd Zain, S.K. Othman, Fauziyah Salehuddin 41-44
A Comparative Study on MAC Protocols of an Underwater Surveillance System from QoS Perspective PDF
Reza Mohammadi, Reza Javidan 45-52
A Preliminary Study of Characterization Techniques for Reticle ESD Threshold Voltage Measurement PDF
H. Razman, A.A.M. Isa, W.A.A.W. Razali, M.K. Suaidi, M.S.I.M. Zin 53-57
The Evolution of Non-invasive Blood Glucose Monitoring System for Personal Application PDF
Nurul Akmal Binti Abd Salam, Wira Hidayat bin Mohd Saad, Zahariah Binti Manap, Fauziyah Salehuddin 59-65
Illumination and Contrast Correction Strategy using Bilateral Filtering and Binarization Comparison PDF
Wan Azani Mustafa, Haniza Yazid 67-73
Improved Location and Positioning Utilizing Single MIMO Base Station in IMT-Advanced System PDF
A.A.M. Isa, M.H. Othman, Z. Manap, M.S.M. Isa, M.S.I.M. Zin, S. Saat, Z. Zakaria 75-82
A Computer-based Touch-less 3D Controller Using Capacitive Sensing Method PDF
Nur Shazwani Aminuddin, Syafeeza Ahmad Radzi, M. Abu, Norihan Abdul Hamid 83-88
Design of a Class-E Rectifier with DC-DC Boost Converter PDF
F.K. A. Rahman, S. Saat, L.H. Zamri, N.M. Husain, N.A. Naim, S.A. Padli 89-95
QoS based Radio Resource Management Techniques for Next Generation MU-MIMO WLANs: A Survey PDF
D. Srinivasa Rao, V. Berlin Hency 97-105
Dipole Antenna backed by 8-CBU AMC-EBG and 8-CBU FSS at 5.8 GHz PDF
Siti Adlina Md Ali, Maisarah Abu, Hasnizom Hassan 107-114
The Estimation of Power Flux of Microwave Radiation from a Negative Narrow Bipolar Pulse at Low Earth Orbit Satellite Altitude PDF
Mohd Riduan Ahmad, Mona Riza Mohd Esa 115-119
Modeling Mach Zehnder Interferometer (MZI) Modulator on Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) PDF
Hanim A.R., Hazura H., A.S. Mohd Zain, F. Salehuddin, P.S. Menon, S. Shaari 121-124
Association Rule Mining for Failure Recovery Strategy Selection in Composite Web Services PDF
O. Bushehrian, N. Mohammadi 125-130
The Potential of Silicon Photonic Device Based on Tapered MMI Structure PDF
N.S. M. Zamil, Hanim A.R., Hazura H., A.S. M. Zain, Fauziyah Salehuddin, S.K. Idris 131-135

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