Vol 11, No 4

October - December 2019

Table of Contents


Performance Analysis of EDFA Gain using FBG for WDM Transmission PDF
Yatindra Gaurav, R. K. Chauhan 1-4
A Study on Principal Component Analysis over Wireless Channel PDF
R. Upadhyay, A. Soni, P. Panse, U. R. Bhatt 5-9
Application of QPSK-OFDM for Improved Underwater Wireless Communication System PDF
P. Elechi, S. Kukuchuku, J.O. Egwaile 11-17
RF Performance Enhancement of Gallium Oxide MOSFET using p-type NiO Pocket near Source and Drain Regions PDF
Narendra Yadava, R. K. Chauhan 19-23
Simulation and Practical Realization of A 24-Pair Electronic Continuity Test Circuit for MSAN ZTE PDF
Samir Ghouali, Mohammed Moulay, Mohammed Feham 25-29
HW/SW Co-design and Prototyping Approach for Embedded Smart Camera: ADAS Case Study PDF
B. Senouci, H. Rouis, Q. Cabanes, A.C. Ramdan, D.S. Han 31-40
Design and Fabrication of Hairpin Bandpass Filter with Square Shaped Defected Ground Structure PDF
Apurva Misra, Manish Kumar 41-43
Enhanced Performance of Narrowband Power Line Communications using Recursive Least Squares Filter PDF
B. Rajkumarsingh, D. Seegolam 45-54
Speeding Up Interval Type 2 Fuzzy Logic Computation Using Fuzzy Bilinear Interpolation Look-Up Table PDF
Wakhyu Dwiono, Arif Johar Taufiq, M. Taufiq Tamam 55-62
Performance Optimization of the Arbitrary Arrays with Randomly Distributed Elements for Wireless Sensor Networks PDF
Jafar Ramadhan Mohammed 63-68

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