Vol 11, No 3

July - September 2019

Table of Contents


Adaptive Code with Non-Uniform Modulation on OFDM Subcarriers Modeling for Underwater Acoustic Environment PDF
Sholihah Ayu Wulandari, Tri Budi Santoso, I Gede Puja Astawa 1-5
Rain Attenuation Factor in the Earth-Space Links of Tropical Regions PDF
Yee Loo Foo 7-10
Scheduling Independent Parallel Jobs in Cloud Computing: A Survey PDF
Samaneh Abdolhosseini, Mohammad Taghi Kheirabadi 11-21
Enhancing of SNR and Optical Power Distribution in Indoor Visible Light Communications Systems PDF
Shereen Eltayib Abdelrahman, mortada mohammed Abdulwahab 23-26
Analysis on Energy and Coverage Issues in Wireless Sensor Network PDF
N.H. Halim, A.A.M. Isa, A.M.A. Hamid, I.S.M. Isa, S. Saat, M.S.M. Isa, M.S.I.M. Zin 27-30
Low Phase Noise Wide Tuning Range LC Oscillator for RF Application Using Varactor Bank. PDF
Pradeep Rajpoot, R. C. Gurjar, R. S. Gamad 31-36

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