Vol 10, No 4

October - December 2018

Table of Contents


Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange Modification using Blowfish Algorithm to Prevent Logjam Attack PDF
Aldo Adrian, Maya Cendana, Silvester Dian Handy Permana 1-7
Resource Discovery in Non-Structured Peer to Peer Grid Systems Using the Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm PDF
A. Ahmadian, M. Zavvar, A. Saeedi, F. Ramezani 9-14
Collated Studies on Rectifying Circuit on Impact-Based Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting PDF
Nur Amalina Ahmad Nawir, Amat Amir Basari, Ng Xue Yan 15-23
Design and Development of Deep Learning Convolutional Neural Network on an Field Programmable Gate Array PDF
Y.C. Wong, Y.Q. Lee 25-29
An Efficient Score level Multimodal Biometric System using ECG and Fingerprint PDF
Girish Rao Salanke N S, Maheswari N, Andrews Samraj, M V Vijayakumar 31-36
A Low Voltage Recycling Folded Cascode OTA based on novel CMRR Magnifier PDF
Mohammadreza Farsi, Khalil Monfaredi 37-42
Energy Optimized Cluster Based Heterogeneous Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network PDF
Garima Singh, Rakesh Kumar 43-49
Quadrature Spatial Modulation Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing PDF
B. S. Adejumobi, N. Pillay 51-57
Performance Evaluation of Chaos Based IDMA Scheme Using Joint Turbo Equalization Over Frequency Selective Fading Channel PDF
Aasheesh Shukla, Atul Bansal, Vishal Goyal, Karan Veer, Vinay Kumar Deolia 59-64
Synthesis and Studies of Digital Frequency Modulator-demodulator with Non-Coherent Demodulator Containing a Band-pass Active Filter PDF
B. Karapenev 65-73
A Multiband, Low Power and Low Phase Noise CMOS Voltage-Controlled Oscillator with NMOS Varactor for UWB Applications PDF
Hanen Saoudi, Hamadi Ghariani, Mongi Lahiani 75-80
ECDSA-based Broadcast Authentication Scheme for Smart Home Environments PDF
Dae-Hwi Lee, Im-Yeong Lee 81-86
Development of Virtual Reality Games for Motor Rehabilitation PDF
G. Jin, K. Jiang, S. Lee 87-94
Pedestrians’ Intention Recognition Method using Hidden Semi-Markov Model: The Case of Crossing the Crosswalk PDF
Junsik Kong, Jaewoong Kang, Jaeung Lee, Mye Sohn 95-100
A Cyber Command and Control Framework for Psychological Operation Using Social Media PDF
Kyoungmin Kim, Junwoo Seo, Mookyu Park, Moosung Park, Kyungho Lee 101-105
Adaptive Segmentation and Stitching on 8K UHD Video PDF
Jihee Yang, Youngae Kim, Jaehyeon Lee, Myeongsuk Yoon, Gooman Park 107-112
A Model for Behavioral Tendency of TCP Congestion Control Variants in LTE Cellular and 802.11ac Networks PDF
M. Malekzadeh, A. A. Abdul Ghani 113-125
Simulation Analysis on the Potential Application of Matched Bandstop to Bandpass Filter in Filter Integrated SPDT Switch Design PDF
A. M. Zobilah, N. A. Shairi, Z. Zakaria, B. H. Ahmad, M. K. Zahari, P. W. Wong 127-131
A Multistage Hybrid Median Filter Design of Stereo Matching Algorithms on Image Processing PDF
Maged Aboali, Nurulfajar Abd Manap, Abd Majid Darsono, Zulkalnain Mohd Yusof 133-141
Optimal Control for Sport Utility Vehicle System Using Linear Quadratic Integral Control Approach PDF
M. F. Omar, R. Ghazali, I. M. Saadon, M. K. Aripin, Y. M. Sam, C. C. Soon 143-149

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