Vol 10, No 1-17

Recent Trends in Biomedical Engineering Systems and Technologies II

Chief Editor: Vikneswaran A/L Vijean
Editors: Saufiah Binti Abdul Rahim, Che Wan Sharifah Robiah Binti Mohamad, Lim Chee Chin, Mohd Hanafi Bin Mat Som, Ahmad Nasrul Bin Norali

Table of Contents


Optimization of Pulse Duration Parameter for Hela Cells Growth Rate PDF
Muhammad Mahadi Abdul Jamil, Mohamed Ahmed Milad Zaltum, Nur Adilah Abd Rahman 1-4
Investigation on Anti-Proliferation Properties of Porcupine Bezoar (Hystrix Brachyuran) Extracts Exposed on Hela Cells Lines Combined with Electroporation Technique PDF
Azra Hazwanie Azizulkarim, Muhammad Mahadi Abdul Jamil, Mohamad Nazib Adon, Ridhwan Abdul Wahab, Tengku Nadzlin Tengku Ibrahim 5-9
Development of BRCA1 DNA Sequence Profile of Early Diagnosis of Breast Cancer PDF
D. S. Nurdin, M. N. Isa, R. C. Ismail, M. I. Ahmad 11-15
Fourth-Order Butterworth Active Bandpass Filter Design for Single-Sided Magnetic Particle Imaging Scanner PDF
A. A. Sadiq, N. B. Othman, M. M. Abdul Jamil, M. Youseffi, M. Denyer, W. N. Wan Zakaria, M. R. Md Tomari 17-21
Analysis of the Antenna Performance for Wireless Implantable Body Area Network Applications PDF
N.H. Ramli, H. Jaafar 23-26
Design of a Chip Printed Antenna at 4.8GHz for Wireless Implantable Body Area Network Applications PDF
N.H. Ramli, M.F. Ayob 27-31
A Study Effect of Specific Absorption Rate in Human Head Model due to Electromagnetic Exposure PDF
S.R.A. Mutalik, M.H. Mat, M.R. Zakaria, M.I. Yusoff 33-36
New Features of Cervical Precancerous Cell Based on FE-SEM/EDX Line Scanning for Classification Systems PDF
Yessi Jusman, Widdya Rahmalina, Sri Kartini, May Valzon, Siti Nurul Aqmariah Mohd Kanafiah 37-42
Wireless ECG Circuit on Flexible Material: A Preliminary Study PDF
N. S. Sahar, N. A. Abdul-Kadir, W. H. Chan, E. L. M. Su, F. K. Che Harun 43-46
Evaluation of Light Distribution and the Penetration Depth under Isometric Studies using fNIRS PDF
A.A.A. Halim, M.H. Laili, M. Rusop 47-50
Model of Hyperthermia Therapy in Melanoma Treatment: Comparison between Constant and Temperature Dependent Blood Perfusion Rate PDF
F. Ludin, S. Yahud 51-55
Identification of Human Pathogen in Nutrient Culture Media using an Electronic Nose PDF
Syahida Amani Zulkifli, Che Wan Sharifah Robiah Mohamad, Abu Hassan Abdullah 57-60
High-performance Electrical Variable Resistor Sensor for E.coli O157:H7 Detection PDF
R. D. A. A. Rajapaksha, U. Hashim, M. N. Afnan Uda, C. A. N. Fernando 61-64
Atmospheric Pressure Cold Plasma (ACP) Treatment a New Technique to Improve Microstructure and Textural Properties of Healthy Noodles Fortified with Mango Flour PDF
Noor Shazliana Aizee Abidin, Ibni H. Rukunudin, Siti K. Zaaba, Wan A. W. Omar 65-68
Electrical Characterizations of Polypyrrole Thin Film Deposited on Glass Surfaces by Using the LCR Meter PDF
N. Syamimi, S. Yahud 69-71
Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Analysis on Surface Roughness of 3C-Silicon Carbide (3C-SiC) Deposited on Silicon (Si) Substrate PDF
E. M. Cheng, N. F. Mohd Nasir, A. B. Shahriman, S. A. Baharuddin, M. S. Abdul Majid, P. W. Leech, P. Tanner, A. S. Holland 73-77
Microwave Dielectric and Reflection Characterization on Silver Grunter (Pomadasys hasta) and Tilapia (Oreochromisniloticus) Fish Scale for Potential Use as Scaffold PDF
S. F. Khor, E. M. Cheng, A. B. Shahriman, N. F. Mohd Nasir, H. A. Rahim@Shamsuddin, S. Abdul Majid, Z. Zakaria, K. S. Basaruddin 79-84
Portable Therapeutic Guided Wrist Flexion Exerciser Device for Recovery Monitoring PDF
Nur Anida Jumadi, Mack Donald Sangkah Kinatu, Mohammad Fairuz Mohd Nasir 85-90
Prediction of Biological Activities of Volatile Metabolites Using Molecular Fingerprints and Machine Learning Methods PDF
Azian Azamimi Abdullah, Shigehiko Kanaya 91-96
Review on Melanoma Skin Cancer Treatment by Cold Atmospheric Plasma PDF
Zulaika Abdullah, SK Zaaba, MT Mustaffa, CWSR Mohamad, JA Mohtar 97-100
INTERACT: Interactive E-Learning for Children with Autism PDF
Mary Jane C. Samonte, Jason Jean K. Cape, Marielle Nicole O. Kalaw, Bernice Samantha F. Valentino 101-104
Multi-user Glucose Meter with Insulin Dosage Recommendation PDF
Arnold C. Paglinawan, Febus Reidj Cruz, Charmaine Paglinawan, Dorothy Faye Blas, John Colin Daza, Almie Anne Felix, Wen Yaw Chung, Zaliman Sauli 105-109
Determination of Sugar Level and the Existence of Magic Sugar in Various Beverages using a Glucose Meter with Four-Point Probe and Electrochemical Impedance PDF
Febus Reidj Cruz, Jennifer C. Dela Cruz, Regil Ken L. Castillo, Francheska Nichole G. Cave, John Patrick F. Frias, Paolo Joshua Torreno, Zaliman Sauli 111-114
Design and Development of Amperometric Universal Glucose Meter System for Different Testing Strips PDF
Arnold Paglinawan, Febus Reidj Cruz, Charmaine Paglinawan, Ashley Alyssa Alcantara, Jude Benson Orival, Ardie A. Palomaria, Angel Rupert Paras, Wen Yaw Chung 115-118
Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Shielding Effectiveness (SE) of Unsaturated Polyester Resin with Carbon Black Fillers PDF
R. Revati, M.S. Abdul Majid, S. Yahud, E.M. Cheng, M.J.M. Ridzuan 119-124

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