Vol 10, No 2-2

Innovative and Sustainable Technologies for Societal Wellbeing II

Chief Editor: Massila Kamalrudin
Editors: T. Joseph Sahaya Anand, Zuhriah Ebrahim, Mohd Nizam Abd Rahman, Safiah Sidek

Table of Contents


An AC-DC Rectifier Design at 2.45 GHz for Wireless Power Transfer PDF
S. Ahmed, Z. Zakaria, M. N. Husain, A. Alhegazi 1-3
Mathematical Modelling of Surface Discharge on the Contaminated Surface of Insulator Using Nernst’s Planck Equation PDF
N. A. A. Rahim, R. Ranom, H. Zainuddin 5-10
Investigation of a New Earthquake and Flood Alert System PDF
A. Z. Shukor, M. H. Jamaluddin, T. B. Pei, H. N. M. Shah, M. Z. Ab Rashid, Z. Abd Ghani, M. K. Sued 11-17
Performance Analysis of Neural Network Model for Automated Visual Inspection with Robotic Arm Controller System PDF
A. F. Kadmin, K. A. A. Aziz, Soufhwee A. R., S. S. Abd Razak, M. Z. Salehan, N. A. Abdul Hadi, R. A. Hamzah, W. N. Abd Rashid 19-22
Modal Interferometer Structures and Splicing Techniques of Fiber Optic Sensor PDF
Nur Hidayah S, Hanim A.R, Hazura H, A.S.M Zain, S.K Idris 23-27
Trust Requirements in E-Health System: A Conceptual Framework PDF
M. Kamalrudin, N.A.S. Winarsih, S. Sidek 29-33
Extraction of Essential Requirements from Natural Language Requirements PDF
N. A. Moketar, M. Kamalrudin 35-38
Characterization on Resonant Shifting of Cantilever Based Piezoelectric for Battery-Less Low Frequency Acceleration Measurement PDF
Y.J. Bong, S.L. Kok 39-42
Performance Study on Thermoelectric Voltage Generation Using Infrared Light Source PDF
S.Y. Goh, S.L. Kok 43-46
Comparative Study of Defected Waveguide Structure with Circuit Modelling PDF
S. J. Chin, M. Z. A. Abd. Aziz 47-51
Comparison of Torque Performances on Different Core Material for Switched Reluctance Actuator without Permanent Magnet PDF
I. Yusri, M.M. Ghazaly, R. Ranom, M.F. Rahmat, I.W. Jamaludin 53-56
Necessity of Time-Series Simulation for The Investigation of High Penetration of Photovoltaic Systems in Malaysia PDF
V. Annathurai, C.K. Gan, M.R.A. Ghani, K.A. Bahrain 57-61
Influence of Materials, Air Gap and Winding Turns for a Tubular Linear Switched Reluctance Actuator (TLSRA) PDF
C.K. Yeo, M.M. Ghazaly, S.H. Chong, I.W. Jamaludin, R. Ranom 63-66
Analysis of Nonlinear PID Controller for Tracking Performance of Ball Screw Drive PDF
N.A. Anang, L. Abdullah, Z. Jamaludin, T.H. Chiew, M. Maharof, S.N. Syed Salim, Z. Retas 67-71
A New Consistency Validation Approach to Enhance the Quality of Functional Security Requirements for Secure Software PDF
N. Mustafa, M. Kamalrudin 73-76
A Review on Electronic Personalized Health Records PDF
N.M. Yaacob, A.S. Shibghatullah, M.K. Ghani, L. Salahuddin 77-81
Framework for Enhancing Learning Experience with Wearable Technology in Technical MOOC PDF
S.F.A. Fesol, S. Salam, N. Bakar 83-91

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