Vol 10, No 1-12

Gearing for a Greener Future

Chief Editor: Amir Azam Khan
Editors: Sinin Hamdan, Andrew Ragai Henry Rigit, Paul Ratnamahilan Hoole, Md Abdul Mannan, M Shahidul Islam, Hushairi Zen, Abdullah Yassin, Cirilo Nolasco Hipolito, Magdalene Andrew Munot, David Bong Boon Liang, Alsidqi Hasan, Lim Soh Fong, Shirley Johnathan Tanjong

Table of Contents


Collaborative Location-Based Mobile Game with Error Detection Algorithm PDF
Adrus Mohamad Tazuddin, Wong Ming Ming, Abang Mohamad Aizuddin 1-7
Euclidean Space Data Projection Classifier with Cartesian Genetic Programming (CGP) PDF
WK Wong, Gopal Lenin, Terence Tan, Chekima Ali 9-12
Multiple-Objective Optimization Techniques in Laser Joining of Dissimilar Materials Classes: A Comparison between Grey and Ratio Analyses PDF
K. F. Tamrin, N. A. Sheikh, M. S. M. Ridzuan, A. N. Nadirah 13-18
Power Factor Improvement in Power System with the Integration of Renewable Energy PDF
S.Y. Sim, H.H. Goh, A. J. M. S. Lim, Y. M. Y. Buswig, S.L. Kek, F. Mustafa, A. Bohari, M. A. Ardi 19-23
Study of Morphological, Optical and Electrical Properties of Graphene Oxide Thin Film Relative to the Reaction Time of Synthesis PDF
E. Jaafar, M. Kashif, SK. Sahari, Z. Ngaini 25-28
Voltage Tracking of a Multi-Input Interleaved Buck-Boost DC-DC Converter Using Artificial Neural Network Control PDF
Yonis. M. Buswig, Al-Khalid Othman, Norhuzaimin Julai, Sim Sy Yi, Wahyu Mulyo Utomo, Alvin John Lim Meng Siang 29-32
A Novel Method for Tuning PID Controller PDF
Falih S. M. Alkhafaji, W. Z. Wan Hasan, M.M. Isa, N. Sulaiman 33-38
Lead Compensator Design for Single-Phase Quasi Z-Source Inverter PDF
Sut Khan Yong, Kah Haw Law, Wendy Pei Qin Ng, Mohamed Dahidah 39-44
Distributed Double Differential Space-Time Coding with Amplify-and-Forward Relaying PDF
Sylvia Ong Ai Ling, Hushairi Zen, Al-Khalid Othman, Khairuddin Hamid 45-50
Design and Analysis of Slotted Ring Wideband Bandpass Filter for Microwave Sensor PDF
D.N.K.A. Zaidel, A.F.A. Bakar, M.R.M. Sharip, D.A.A. Mat, A.S.W. Marzuki, D.N.A. Zaidel 51-54
High-Gain Modified Antipodal Vivaldi Antenna for Ultra-Wideband Applications PDF
S. A. Adamu, T. Masri, W. A. W. Zainal Abidin, K. H. Ping, S. A. Babale 55-59
Surface Analysis of Thermally Growth Ge Oxide on Ge(100) PDF
S.K. Sahari, N.A. Abdul Halim, M. Kashif, S. Marini, R. Sapawi, K. Kipli, N. Junaidi 61-64
Design and Optical Modeling of a Low-Profile Stationary Concentrating Solar Collector for Medium Temperature Heat Supply PDF
Javed Akhter, S. I. Gilani, Muzaffar Ali, S. Z. A. Gilani 65-71
Effect of Paste Viscosity on Direct-Current Resistance in Improving the Efficiency of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell PDF
S.N.A. Zaine, N.M. Mohamed, M. Khatani, M.U. Shahid 73-78
Effect of Interphase Region and Neighboring Particles on Electric Field Intensity within Nanocomposite Systems PDF
M. R. M. Sharip, D. N. A. Zaidel, M. H. I. Saad, A. S. Abdullah, N. I. Hashim, A. K. Rahman 79-83
Analysis of Gate Poly Delayering in SOI Wafer PDF
Handie Ahmataku, Shahrol Mohamaddan, Emilda Warren, Mahshuri Yusuf, Aidil Azli Alias, Nor Hasmaliana Abdul Manas, Kuryati Kipli 85-87
Improvement of the Bandwidth and Scattering Parameter Performances of 5G Branch-Line Coupler Design for the Use in Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) PDF
D.N.K.A. Zaidel, M.P. Attan, M.R.M. Sharip, D.A.A. Mat, A.S.W. Marzuki, N. Seman, Y.L. Then 89-92
Design of CMOS Power Amplifier with Resistive Feedback and Notch Filter for UWB Systems PDF
D.S.A.A. Yusuf, R. Sapawi, S.M.W. Masra, S.K. Sahari, M. Sawawi, D.A.A. Mat, A.S.W Marzuki, N. Zamhari 93-97
Artificial Neural Network Application for Predicting Drag Coefficient in Flexible Vegetated Channels PDF
Muhammad Mujahid Muhammad, Khamaruzaman Wan Yusof, Muhammad Raza Ul Mustafa, Nor Azazi Zakaria, Aminuddin Ab. Ghani 99-102
Electromagnetic Field Scattering of a High Speed Moving Source and Its Application PDF
Shafrida Sahrani, Nor Shafrillah Isa, Kismet Anak Hong Ping, Tatsuya Akata, Michiko Kuroda 103-106
Water Tree Simulation on Underground Polymeric Cable Using Finite Element Method PDF
Muhatifah Mohd Salleh, Mohd Hafiez Izzwan Saad, Yanuar Z. Arief, Nor Asiah Muhamad 107-112
High Voltage Stress Distribution Phenomena on Liquid and Solid Insulation Material Using Finite Element Method PDF
Yanuar Z. Arief, Nor Asiah Muhamad, Mohd Hafiez Izzwan Saad, Syazwan Nazri, Siti Nur Anina Othman, Mohd Fikri Hilmi Mohd Taib 113-117

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