Vol 10, No 1-7

Innovative and Sustainable Technologies for Societal Wellbeing

Chief Editor: Massila Kamalrudin
Editors: T. Joseph Sahaya Anand, Zuhriah Ebrahim, Mohd Nizam Abd Rahman, Safiah Sidek

Table of Contents


Intelligent Conversational Bot for Interactive Marketing PDF
A. Pradana, O. S. Goh, Y. J. Kumar 1-4
A Preliminary Study: Challenges in Capturing Security Requirements and Consistency Checking by Requirement Engineers PDF
Massila Kamalrudin, Nuridawati Mustafa, Safiah Sidek 5-9
Web-based Dynamic Similarity Distance Tool PDF
Nur Atikah Arbain, Mohd Sanusi Azmi, Azah Kamilah Muda, Amirul Ramzani Radzid, Noor Azilah Muda, Radzuan Nordin 11-15
A Review on Security Challenges and Features in Wireless Sensor Networks: IoT Perspective PDF
M. A. Burhanuddin, Ali Abdul-Jabbar Mohammed, Ronizam Ismail, Mustafa Emad Hameed, Ali Noori Kareem, Halizah Basiron 17-21
Arbitrarily Substantial Number Representation for Complex Number PDF
Satrya Fajri Pratama, Azah Kamilah Muda, Yun-Huoy Choo 23-26
Machine Learning for HTTP Botnet Detection Using Classifier Algorithms PDF
Rudy Fadhlee Mohd Dollah, Faizal M. A., Fahmi Arif, Mohd Zaki Mas’ud, Lee Kher Xin 27-30
A Framework to Determine Prominent Research Topics and Experts from Google Scholar PDF
W. Sarasjati, Y. J. Kumar, O. S. Goh, B. Raza 31-34
Automated Tracking System Using RFID for Sustainable Management of Material Handling in an Automobile Parts Manufacturer PDF
Z. Jamaludin, C.Y. Huong, L. Abdullah, M.H. Nordin, M.F. Abdullah, R. Haron, K.B.A. Jalal 35-40
Inefficient Processing Time as Hidden Time Loss in Assembly Operations PDF
Z. Ebrahim, A. H. A. Rasid, M. R. Muhamad 41-45
Requirements Defects Techniques in Requirements Analysis: A Review PDF
M. Kamalrudin, L. L. Ow, S. Sidek 47-51
Improved Harmonic Performance of Seven-Level CHB Inverter using Multicarrier Modulation and Varying the Modulation Index PDF
A. Razi, S. A. Ab Shukor, P. K. Shen 53-57
Disparity Map Algorithm Based on Edge Preserving Filter for Stereo Video Processing PDF
R. A. Hamzah, M. S. Hamid, A. F. Kadmin, S. F. Abd Ghani, S. Salam 59-62
Design of Ultra Wide-band Single Balanced Schottky Diode Mixer PDF
M. Y. Algumaei, N. A. Shairi, Z. Zakaria, I. M. Ibrahim 63-66
Convolutional Neural Network for Person and Car Detection using YOLO Framework PDF
M. H. Putra, Z. M. Yussof, K. C. Lim, S. I. Salim 67-71

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