Vol 10, No 1

January - March 2018

Table of Contents


A Study on Network Design for Shortest Path in Expedition Company PDF
Friska Natalia Ferdinand, Ferry Vincenttius Ferdinand 1-4
Virtual Haptic Visual Discrimination Test PDF
Hyun Young Kim, Mee Young Sung 5-11
Improved Thresholding Method for Cell Image Segmentation Based on Global Homogeneity Information PDF
Kazeem Oyeyemi Kazeem 13-16
Improving Load Balancing in Various User Distribution LTE Advanced HetNets through a Hybrid Channel-Gain Access-Aware Cell Selection Scheme PDF
Babatunde Ajagbonna, Abdoulie Tekanyi, Man Yahaya, Aliyu Gadam 17-23
Using LAPER Quadcopter Imagery for Precision Oil Palm Geospatial Intelligence (OP GeoInt) PDF
N. Abu Sari, M. Y. Abu Sari, A. Ahmad, S. Sahib, F. Othman 25-33
Performance of Caching in Wireless Small Cell Networks PDF
Chedia Jarray, Chibani Belgacem 35-43
Low Power Design of MPPT Circuit Using Power Down System in 65nm CMOS Process PDF
Gesille S. Rible, Ma. Concepcion I. Sabate, Jefferson A. Hora 45-50
Sensitivity of the Adaptive Nulling to Random Errors in Amplitude and Phase Excitations in Array Elements PDF
Jafar Ramadhan Mohammed, Khalil Hassan Sayidmarie 51-56
New Solution for ICT/ELV Infrastructure Project Reporting Using Datalink Technique System PDF
H M Saleh, M. N. Husain, A. A. M. Isa 57-62
Design and Characterization of Piezoelectric P(VDF-TrFE) Thick Film on Flexible Substrate for Energy Harvesting PDF
Chow Khoon-Keat, Kok Swee-Leong, Lau Kok-Tee 63-68
Optimization of Electrical Properties in TiO2/WSix-based Vertical DG-MOSFET using Taguchi-based GRA with ANN PDF
K.E. Kaharudin, F. Salehuddin, A.S. M.Zain 69-76
A Simplified Method to Synthesize UWB Compact Bandpass Filter with Dual Notch Bands PDF
Arvind Kumar Pandey, R. K. Chauhan 77-82
An Improved Needleman-Wunsch Algorithm for Pairwise Sequence Alignment of Protein-Albumin PDF
Lailil Muflikhah, Dian Eka R. 83-87
Digital Radio over Fiber System with OFDM & OACI Reduction and Its Performance Evaluation PDF
Jeffrey Simon V, Shinoy George, Dhanya S., Ambili A.R., Sushama C.M. 89-98
A General Solar Radiation Estimation Model Using Ground Measured Meteorological Data in Sarawak, Malaysia PDF
S. Bandy, W.A. Wan Zainal 99-105
An Optimal Control on the Efficiency of Technology Companies in Malaysia with Data Envelopment Analysis Model PDF
Lam Weng Siew, Liew Kah Fai, Lam Weng Hoe 107-111
Heart rate monitoring using ARM Soft Core Processor based System-on-Chip PDF
Lim Chun Keat, Asral Bahari Jambek, Uda Hashim 113-118
The Fundamental of Leaky wave Antenna PDF
M. K. Mohsen, M.S M. Isa, A.A.M. Isa, M.S.I. M.Zin, S. Saat, Z. Zakaria, I. M.Ibrahim, M. Abu, A. Ahmad, M.K. Abdulhameed 119-127
Wearable Device for Malaysian Ringgit Banknotes Recognition Based on Embedded Decision Tree Classifier PDF
Nurul Fathiah Ghazali, Muhammad Amir As'ari, Mohd Najeb Jamaludin, Lukman Hakim Ismail, Hadafi Fitri Mohd Latip, Abdul Hafidz Omar 129-137
Review on Improvement of Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Algorithm based on Time Execution, Differential Cryptanalysis and Level of Security PDF
Mustafa Emad Hameed, Masrullizam Mat Ibrahim, Nurulfajar Abd Manap 139-145

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