Vol 9, No 3-9

Biomedical Electronics and Informatics

Chief Editor: Eileen Su Lee Ming
Editors: Mohd Azhar Abdul Razak, Puspa Inayat Khalid, Muhammad Amir As'ari, Norhafizah Ramli and Nurul Ashikin Abdul-Kadir

Table of Contents


Cortical Information Pathway of Below-Average and Average Young Hand-Writers: A Pilot Study PDF
P. I. Khalid, M. H. Abd Ghani, R. Alik, M. Harun, N. Mat Safri 1-6
The Evaluation of Potentiostats: Electrochemical Detection Devices PDF
N. A. Abdul-Kadir, S. Noi, F. K. Che Harun 7-14
Miniaturized and Wearable Electrocardiogram (ECG) Device with Wireless Transmission PDF
S. S. Sylvester, E. L. M. Su, C. F. Yeong, F. K. Che Harun 15-19
Scanning and Locating Target Position with Minimal Training for Brain Computer Interface
M. S. Adha, N. Mat Safri, M. A. Othman, I. Ariffin 21-26
Handwriting Difficulty Screening Tool based on Dynamic Data from Drawing Process PDF
Y. M. Ling, P. I. Khalid 27-31
Research and Development of IMU Sensors-based Approach for Sign Language Gesture Recognition PDF
A. Abdullah, N. A. Abdul-Kadir, F. K. Che Harun 33-39
Case Study on Fine- Motor Skills of Special Children when Using Light and Sound Tool PDF
S. N. A. Md Brahim, A. H. Ahmad, N. Mat Safri 41-45
Image Reconstruction Validation for CMOS Linear Image Sensor Based Tomography System PDF
M. S. Ang, N. Ramli, M. R. Abd Rahim 47-52
Autistic Spectrum Disorder: EEG Analysis and Classification PDF
Z. H. Chan, R. Sudirman, C. Omar 53-57
Evaluation of Kinect Sensor in Mechanical Horse Simulator for Equine-Assisted Therapy PDF
H. Nasyuha, L. H. Ismail, M. A. As’ari, N. A. Zakaria, N. H. Mahmood 59-63
Simulation Study Correlation of Ultrasound Wave with Two Orientation of Cancellous Bone PDF
M. A. Abd Wahab, R. Sudirman, M. A. Abdul Razak 65-69
GluQo: IoT-Based Non-invasive Blood Glucose Monitoring PDF
M. A. Aizat Rahmat, E. L. M. Su, M. Mohd Addi, C. F. Yeong 71-75
Price Tag Recognition using HSV Color Space PDF
M. N. A. Hussin, A. H. Ahmad, M. A. Abdul Razak 77-84
Optimization of Interdigitated Electrodes in Electric Field Distribution and Thermal Effect PDF
S. Ismail, N. H. Mahmood, M. A. Abdul Razak 85-89
Development of Virtual Reality Surgical Simulator with Online Database PDF
S. H. Shu, E. L. M. Su, C. F. Yeong, S. Sood, A. Gandhi 91-94
IoT Based Smart Classroom System PDF
E. K. F. Chan, M. A. Othman, M. A. Abdul Razak 95-101
Image Based Ringgit Banknote Recognition for Visually Impaired PDF
N. A. Jasmin Sufri, N. A. Rahmad, M. A. As’ari, N. A. Zakaria, M. N. Jamaludin, L. H. Ismail, N. H. Mahmood 103-111
Comparison on Measurement Method of Maximal Oxygen Uptake during Cardiac Stress Test PDF
W. Abdul Samad, M. A. Othman, N. Mat Safri 113-117
Cellco: Portable Device for Automated Blood Cell Count and Abnormal Cell Detection PDF
Z. H. Chan, E. L. M. Su, Y. M. Lim, E. E. Langeh Randin, C. F. Yeong, M. A. Abdul Razak, I. Ariffin 119-122
Characterization of Sensing Chamber Design for E-Nose Applications PDF
N. S. Samiyan, M. Mohd Addi 123-127

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