Vol 9, No 2-9

Technology Transforming Lives I

Chief Editor: Dayang NurFatimah Awang Iskandar
Editors: Jane Labadin, Johari Abdullah, Kartinah Zen,  Stephanie Chua Hui Li, Nuha Loling Othman, Chai Soo See, Cheah Wai Shiang, Inson Din

Table of Contents


How Can Agents Help in Designing Complex Systems? PDF
Kuldar Taveter, Merik Meriste 1-8
Undergraduate Information-seeking Behaviour Framework in an Electronic Environment PDF
M.M. Nadzir, K.N. Puteh 9-14
From E-Government to T-Government: A Malaysian Citizens’ Readiness Study PDF
Kamalia A. Kamaruddin, Nor L. Md Noor 15-21
Preliminary Investigation: Teachers’ Perception on Computational Thinking Concepts PDF
Ung L. Ling, Tammie C. Saibin, Jane Labadin, Norazila Abdul Aziz 23-29
Population Game Model for Epidemic Dynamics with Two Classes of Vaccine-induced Immunity PDF
P. Phang, B. Wiwatanapataphee, Y-H. Wu 31-36
Multimodal Brain Tumor Segmentation using Neighboring Image Features PDF
Ghazanfar Latif, D.N.F. Awang Iskandar, Arfan Jaffar, M. Mohsin Butt 37-42
Evaluation of Signal Attenuation for Bluetooth, ZigBee and Sound in Foliage PDF
K. Mathew, B. Issac, C.E. Tan 43-48
Design and Implementation of PIAK: A Personalized Internet Access System for Kids PDF
Abrar Noor Akramin Kamarudin, Bali Ranaivo-Malançon, Nadianatra Musa 49-57
Timeliness, Steadiness, Behaviourness and Effortlessness: An Efficiency Evaluation Model for Measuring Mobile Applications Usage PDF
Amalina F. A. Fadzlah 59-69
Modelling a Semantic Knowledge Management System for Collaborative Learning Environment Using a Structural Equation Modelling PDF
Zaihisma Che Cob, Rusli Abdullah 71-77
Evaluating LSTM Networks, HMM and WFST in Malay Part-of-Speech Tagging PDF
Tien-Ping Tan, Bali Ranaivo-Malançon, Laurent Besacier, Yin-Lai Yeong, Keng Hoon Gan, Enya Kong Tang 79-83
Automatic Phoneme Identification for Malay Dialects PDF
Yen-Min Jasmina Khaw, Tien-Ping Tan, Bali Ranaivo-Malançon 85-94
Medical Data Classification Using Similarity Measure of Fuzzy Soft Set Based Distance Measure PDF
Saima Anwar Lashari, Rosziati Ibrahim, Norhalina Senan 95-99
Formulation of Fuzzy Correlated System for Node Behavior Detection in WSN PDF
Noor Shahidah, A. H Azni 101-104
A Two-Sided Market Mechanisms Toward Designing a Big Data-Driven Business Model for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) PDF
Aladeen Y. R. Hmoud, Juhana Salim, Mohd Ridzwan Yaakub 105-110
Evaluation and Improvement of Data Availability in WSNs Cluster Base Routing Protocol PDF
Mujahid Tabassum, Kartinah Zen 111-116
Ensemble of ANN and ANFIS for Water Quality Prediction and Analysis - A Data Driven Approach PDF
Y. Khan, S.S. Chai 117-122
Exploration of Linear Wireless Sensor Networks and Simulation Tools for Underwater Pipelines Monitoring Networks PDF
Muhammad Zahid Abbas, Kamalrulnizam Abu Bakar, Muhammad Ayaz Arshad, Sadia Deep, Mohammad Hafiz Mohamed 123-127
Effects of an Online Interactive Multimedia System on Cognitive and Affective Learning PDF
K.P. Sim, C.J. Chen 129-135
MOOC Videos-Derived Emotions PDF
C.J. Chen, V.S. Wong, C.S. Teh, K.M. Chuah 137-140
Identification of Personality Traits for Recruitment of Unskilled Occupations using Kansei Engineering Method PDF
J. K. Tan, N. K. Lee, C. H. Bong, S. Ahmad Sofian 141-146
A Framework for Tracing the Flavouring Information to Accelerate Halal Certification PDF
S.F.M. Hashim, J. Salim, S.A. Noah, W.A. W. Mustapha 147-153
Co-creation Tourism Experience in Perceived Usability of Interactive Multimedia Features on Mobile Travel Application PDF
L. S. Lee, S. S. Shaharuddin, G. W. Ng, S. F. Wan-Busrah 155-161
Quantifying Critical Parameter in Disease Transmission PDF
W. C. Kok, J. Labadin 163-168
Fuzzy Students’ Knowledge Modelling System through Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy PDF
W. T. Ng, C. S. Teh 169-174
Enhancer Prediction in Proboscis Monkey Genome: A Comparative Study PDF
Norshafarina Omar, Yu Shiong Wong, Xi Li, Yee Ling Chong, Mohd Tajuddin Abdullah, Nung Kion Lee 175-179
A Review of Highly Efficient Class F Power Amplifier Design Technique in Gigahertz Frequencies PDF
D.A. Sa’Ahmad, R. Sapawi, S.M.W. Masra, D.H.A. Mohamad, D.S.A.A. Yusuf, S.K. Sahari, M. Sawawi 181-188
A Review of CMOS Low Noise Amplifier for UWB System PDF
R. Sapawi, D.S.A.A. Yusuf, D.H.A. Mohamad, S. Suhaili, N. Junaidi 189-197

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