Vol 9, No 3

July - September 2017

Table of Contents


Non – invasive Fetal Scalp pH Measurement Utilizing Magnetic Induction Spectroscopy Technique PDF
Shazwani Sarkawi, Zulkarnay Zakaria, Ibrahim Balkhis, Jurimah Abd Jalil 1-6
MEGOR: Multi-constrained Energy efficient Geographic Opportunistic Routing in Wireless Sensor Network PDF
Praveen Kumar K.V, M K Banga, Megha D, B.M. Thippeswamy, Udayarani Udayarani, Venugopal K R 7-13
Modeling of Filtration Process Using PSO-Neural Network PDF
Z. Yusuf, N. Abdul Wahab, N. Abdul Wahab, S. Sahlan, S. Sahlan 15-19
Evaluation of New Gaussian Wavelet Functions in Signal Edge Detection PDF
Ehsan Ehsaeyan 21-26
Dielectric Sensing (Capacitive) On Cooking Oil's TPC Level PDF
K. N. Khamil Khamil, M.A.U.C. Mood 27-32
A Modified PEC-backed Spiral Antenna with Improved Pattern Symmetry PDF
N. I. Sulong, S. Mohamad, M. R. Islam, N. F. Hasbullah 33-36
Textile Dual Band Circular Ring Patch Antenna under Bending Condition PDF
M.S.M. Isa, A.N.L. Azmi, A.A.M. Isa, M.S.I. M.Zin, S. Saat, Z. Zakaria, I.M. Ibrahim, M. Abu, A. Ahmad 37-43
ECG-Waves: Analysis and Detection by Continuous Wavelet Transform PDF
Mounaim Aqil, Atman Jbari, Abdennasser Bourouhou 45-52
Resource Allocation for Two-Way Relay-Assisted Hybrid Cognitive Radio Networks PDF
Farhad Arpanaei, Majid Shakeri, Nahid Ardalani 53-60
Hybrid WiFi and WiMAX in Disaster Management for PPDR Services PDF
Juwita Mohd Sultan, Garik Markarian, James Jackson 61-65
Stress-optical Effect Analysis on Silicon-on-Insulator Planar Waveguide PDF
N. Nadia A. Aziz, Hazura Haroon, Hanim Abdul Razak, A. S Mohd Zain, S. K. Othman, Fauziyah Salehuddin 67-76
UWB Pulse Propagation into Layered Model of Human Body PDF
H. Werfelli, K. Tayari, M. Chaoui, M. Lahiani, H. Ghariani 77-84
An Effective Precision Enhancement Approach to Estimate Software Development Cost: Nature Inspired Way PDF
Ankita Wadhwa, Somya Jain, Chetna Gupta 85-91
Impact of Multiple-Cell Configuration on Indoor Wireless Optical CDMA System PDF
E.A. Alyan, S.A. Aljunid 93-99
Application of System Dynamics to Mobile Telecommunication Customer Churn Management PDF
P.K. Banda, S. Tembo 101-104
Optimization of Electrical Energy Harvesting from Focused Infrared light using Thermoelectric module with Uniform Heat Distribution PDF
Goh Siew Yun, Kok Swee Leong 105-110
Broadband Energy Harvesting using Multi-Cantilever based Piezoelectric PDF
Yu Jing Bong, Kok Swee Leong 111-116
Parameter Optimization of a Tubular Linear Type Reluctance Motor for High Thrust Force PDF
M.M. Ghazaly, C.K. Yeo, S.H. Chong, I. Yusri, S.P. Tee 117-120
Comparison of Evolutionary Algorithms for Synthesis of Non-Uniformly Spaced Linear Array of Unequal Length Parallel Dipole Antennas for Impedance Matching with low side lobe level PDF
Hemant Patidar, G.K. Mahanti 121-127
The Implementation of Neural Network On Determining the Determinant Factors Towards Students’ Stress Resistance PDF
Arief Hermawan, Donny Avianto 129-133
Model of Linear Quadratic Regulator (LQR) Control Method in Hovering State of Quadrotor PDF
oktaf agni dhewa, Andi Dharmawan, Tri Kuntoro Priyambodo 135-143
Application of integrated AHP and TOPSIS techniques for determining the best Fresh Fruit Bunches (FFB) PDF
Hambali A, Siti Hadijah N, Rahman M.A 145-149
A High-Efficiency Rectenna Design at 2.45 GHz for RF Energy Scavenging PDF
M. A. Meor Said, Z. Zakaria, M.N. Husain, M.H. Misran 151-154
ROM-Less Fully Digital Synthesizer Design, Based on Novel phase to Sinusoidal Interface PDF
Hesam Pashaei, Khalil Monfaredi 155-161
Determining Optimal Number of Neighbors in Item-based kNN Collaborative Filtering Algorithm for Learning Preferences of New Users PDF
Mojdeh Bahadorpour, Behzad Soleimani Neysiani, Mohammad Nadimi Shahraki 163-167
Latest Trend in Person Following Robot Control Algorithm: A Review PDF
Aine Ilina Tarmizi, Ahmad Zaki Shukor, Nur Maisarah Mohd Sobran, Muhammad Herman Jamaluddin 169-174
Pre-Contact Sensor Based Collision Avoidance Manipulator PDF
Ahmad Zaki Shukor, Jack Kii Ng, Muhammad Fahmi Miskon, Fariz Ali@Ibrahim, Muhammad Herman Jamaluddin 175-179
Analysis Load Forecasting of Power System Using of Fuzzy Logic and Artificial Neural Network PDF
Naji Ammar, Marizan Sulaiman, Ahmad Fateh Mohamad Nor 181-192
Circularly Polarized Antenna Design Using Microstrip-To-CPW Transition for Ultra-Wideband Applications PDF
D. Konhar, D. Mishra 193-197
Image Enhancement Technique on Contrast Variation: A Comprehensive Review PDF
Wan Azani Mustafa, Haniza Yazid 199-204
Quantification of Muscle Fatigue Using Surface Electromyography for Isometric Handgrip Task PDF
Soo Yew Guan, Masao Sugi, Hiroshi Yokoi, Tamio Arai, Ryu Kato, Jun Ota 205-209
The 100 Prisoners Problem: Parallel Execution Using Graphics Processing Unit PDF
Fatemeh Nazemi Jenabi, Hamid-Reza Hamidi 211-215
Circuit Modeling of Defected Waveguide Structure PDF
S.J. Chin, M.Z.A. Abd. Aziz, M.R. Ahmad 217-221

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