Vol 9, No 1

January - March 2017

Table of Contents


Classification of Risk in Software Development Projects using Support Vector Machine PDF
M. Zavvar, A. Yavari, S.M Mirhassannia, M.R. Nehi, A. Yanpi, M.H. Zavvar 1-5
Design and Performance Analysis of Channel Coding Scheme based on Multiplication by Alphabet-9 PDF
Nasaruddin Nasaruddin, B. Yuhanda, Elizar Elizar, Syahrial Syahrial 7-13
Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining within Social Networks using Konstanz Information Miner PDF
Banan Awrahman, Bilal Alatas 15-22
Firing Pin Impression Segmentation using Canny Edge Detection Operator and Hough Transform PDF
Norazlina Abd Razak, Choong-Yeun Liong, Abdul Aziz Jemain, Nor Azura Md Ghani, Shahrudin Zakaria, Hanissah Mohamad@Sulaiman 23-26
The Design of Balun Control Feed Antenna (BCFA) using Biocomposite Substrate PDF
A.A Azlan, M.T. Ali, N.H. Abd Rahman, M.F. Jamlos 27-32
A Principle Discussion of Edge Detection based on Gaussian Wavelet PDF
Ehsan Ehsaeyan 33-39
High Power Output of L-shape PZT Power Generator Working in Bending-Shear Mode PDF
A.A. Basari, S. Hashimoto 41-45
Load Balancing Models based on Reinforcement Learning for Self-Optimized Macro-Femto LTE-Advanced Heterogeneous Network PDF
Sameh Musleh, Mahamod Ismail, Rosdiadee Nordin 47-54
Design of Finger-vein Capture Device with Quality Assessment using Arduino Micrcontroller PDF
A.R. Syafeeza, K. Faiz, K. Syazana-Itqan, Y.C. Wong, Zarina Mohd Noh, M.M. Ibrahim, N.M. Mahmod 55-60
Implementation of EBG Configuration for Asymmetric Microstrip Antenna to Improve Radiation Properties PDF
Vaishali Ekke, Prasanna Zade 61-66
Optimization of Location Estimation Utilizing GDOP Technique with Cooperation of Relay Station PDF
M.H. Othman, A.A.M. Isa, Z. Manap, M.S.M. Isa, M.S.I.M. Zin 67-70

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