Vol 8, No 11

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Chief Editor: Fatimah Sham Ismail
Editors: Hazlina Selamat, Zool Hilmi Ismail, Sohailah Safie

Table of Contents


Modelling of Shre Drag Tilt Velocimeter (DTV) with Curvilinear, Gompertz and Artificial Neural Network Method PDF
I.A. M Muharram, Z.H. Ismail 1-6
A Solution to Finite Escape Time for H∞ Filter based SLAM PDF
H. Ahmad, N.A Othman 7-13
Optimal Thermal Distribution by using Inverse Genetic Algorithm Optimization Technique PDF
A. K. Abubakar, F. S. Ismail, N. W. B. Hisham 15-21
Parameter Optimization for Conventional Soft Frequency Reuse in Multi Cell Networks using Extreme Learning Machine and Genetic Algorithm PDF
M. F. Misran, M. I. Shapiai, R. A. Dziyauddin, H. M. S. A. Jalil 23-28
Color Transformation Method for Protanopia Vision Deficiency using Artificial Neural Network PDF
N. H. N. A. Wahab, F. S. Ismail, M. A. A. Nawawi 29-33
2-DOF Lead-plus-PI Control Approach for Magnetic Levitation System PDF
A. C. R. Soon, S. H. Chong, M. A. Said 35-40
A Review of Social-Aware Navigation Frameworks for Service Robot in Dynamic Human Environments PDF
S. F. Chik, C. F. Yeong, E. L. M. Su, T. Y. Lim, Y. Subramaniam, P. J. H. Chin 41-50
Towards Real-Time Visual Biometric Authentication Using Human Face for Healthcare Telepresence Mobile Robots PDF
M. Mariappan, M. Nadarajan, R. R. Porle, N. Parimon, W. L. Khong 51-56
Self-Organized Behaviour in a Modified Multi-Agent Simulation Model Based on Physical Force Approach PDF
N. Khamis, H. Selamat, R. Yusof, O.F. Lutfy, M.F. Haniff 57-62
Fault Detection and Diagnosis Using Cubature Kalman Filter for Nonlinear Process Systems PDF
M. N. Ahmad Nazri, Z. H. Ismail, R. Yusof 63-67
Analysis of Heart Beat Rate through Video Imaging Techniques PDF
W. L. Khong, N. S. V. Kameswara Rao, M. Mariappan, M. Nadarajan 69-74
Broadcast Control of Multi-Agent Systems for Assembling at Unspecified Point with Collision Avoidance PDF
M. H. Mohamad Nor, Z. H. Ismail, M.A. Ahmad 75-79
Masking Covariance for Common Spatial Pattern as Feature Extraction PDF
H. Asyraf, M. I. Shapiai, N. A. Setiawan, W. S. N. S. Wan Musa 81-85
Eye Tracking Application on Emotion Analysis for Marketing Strategy PDF
H. Zamani, A. Abas, M. K. M.Amin 87-91
Classification of Machine Fault using Principle Component Analysis, General Regression Neural Network and Probabilistic Neural Network PDF
M. F. Talib, M. F. Othman, N. H. N. Azli 93-98
Robust Input Shaping for Sway Control of an Overhead 3D Crane PDF
A. M. Abdullahi, Z. Mohamed, H. Selamat, M.S. Zainal Abidin, A. Haruna, L. Ramli, A. A. Bature 99-104
Performance Evaluation of Various 2-D Laser Scanners for Mobile Robot Map Building and Localization PDF
T. Y. Lim, C. F. Yeong, E. L. M. Su, S. F. Chik, P. J. H. Chin, P. H. Tan 105-109
Review of Modern Vehicle Modelling PDF
F. Sandhu, H. Selamat, V. B. S. Mahalleh 111-117
Range and Bearing-based Simultaneous Localization and Mapping of Unmanned Ground Vehicle using Unscented Kalman Filter PDF
S. H. Tang, C. F. Yeong, E. L. M. Su, Y. Subramaniam, P. J. H. Chin 119-123
Positioning Control of a One Mass Rotary System with CM-NCTF Controller PDF
J. E. Foo, S. H. Chong, R. M. Nor, S. L. Loh 125-129
Detection of Abnormalities based on Gamma Wave EEG Signal for Autism Spectrum Disorder PDF
F. N. A. N. Hisan, M. F. Othman, N. S. A. Manaf, F. A. Rahman 131-136
Malaysian Traffic Sign Dataset for Traffic Sign Detection and Recognition Systems PDF
Ahmed Madani, Rubiyah Yusof 137-143
River Flow and Stage Estimation with Missing Observation Data using Multi Imputation Particle Filter (MIPF) Method PDF
Z. H. Ismail, N. A. Jalaludin 145-150

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