Vol 8, No 9

September - December 2016

Table of Contents


The Experimental Analysis of Low-Power Acoustic Energy Transfer System using Class E Converter PDF
Thoriq Zaid, Shakir Saat, Jamal Norezmi, Siti Huzaimah Husin, Yusmarnita Yusop, Syawaliah Ludin 1-6
Energy Consumption Control in Cooperative and Non-Cooperative Cognitive Radio using Variable Spectrum Sensing Sampling PDF
Hikmat N. Abdullah, Hadeel S. Abed 7-12
Optimisation of Fine Pitch Contactor and Test Board for QFN Package PDF
L. L. Ong, Y. K. Chan, A. H. You 13-17
Process Parameter Optimisation for Minimum Leakage Current in a 22nm p-type MOSFET using Taguchi Method PDF
Afifah Maheran A. H., Menon P. S., I. Ahmad, F. Salehuddin, A. S. Mohd Zain 19-23
A Novel Ultra Low-Power 10T CNFET-Based Full Adder Cell Design in 32nm Technology PDF
Mohammad Hossein Shafiabadi, Yavar Safaei Mehrabani 25-30
A Distributed Method for Multiplication of Large Matrices using MSMQ Middleware PDF
Hasan Ziafat, Sayyed Morteza Babamir 31-38
Regular Synthesis Method of a Complete Class of Ternary Bent-Sequences and Their Nonlinear Properties PDF
A. V. Sokolov, O. N. Zhdanov 39-43
Automatic Infant Cry Pattern Classification for a Multiclass Problem PDF
N.S.A. Wahid, P. Saad, M. Hariharan 45-52
An Improved and Novel De-Ramping Technique for Linear Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave Synthetic Aperture Radar PDF
Farhad Arpanaei, Majid Shakeri, Behbod Ghalamkari 53-60
Indoor Mapping with Machine Learning Algorithm using Khepera III Mobile Robot PDF
Norhidayah Mohamad Yatim, Norlida Buniyamin 61-66
Designing a Novel Two-Tier Authentication Algorithm for Web Service Architecture PDF
M. Milton Joe, B. Ramakrishnan, Resul Das 67-75
Dickson Charge Pump Rectifier using Ultra-Low Power (ULP) Diode for BAN Applications PDF
Y.C. Wong, P.C. Tan, M.M. Ibrahim, A.R. Syafeeza, N.A. Hamid 77-82
Gram-Schmidt Orthogonalisation-based Antenna Selection for Pre-Coding Aided Spatial Modulation PDF
Saetbyeol Lee, Manar Mohaisen 83-88
Review on Human Re-identification with Multiple Cameras PDF
K.B. Low, U.U. Sheikh 89-95
Development of a Laboratory Model for Automated Road Defect Detection PDF
H. Bello-Salau, A.M Aibinu, E.N. Onwuka, J.J. Dukiya, A.J. Onumanyi, A.O. Ighabon 97-101
A Review of the Assessment Methods of Voice Disorders in the Context of Parkinson's Disease PDF
A. Benba, A. Abdelilah, A. Hammouch 103-112
An Improved-Water Filling Algorithm Power Allocation for DFFR Network MIMO PDF
Noor Shahida M.K., Rosdiadee Nordin, Mahamod Ismail 113-119
A Robust Speed-Based Handover Algorithm for Dense Femtocell/Macrocell LTE-A Network and Beyond PDF
Olusegun O. Omitola, Viranjay M. Srivastava 121-129
An Analysis of Lard by using Dielectric Sensing Method PDF
K.N. Khamil, C.K. Yin 131-137
G.1070 Model Extension at Full HD Resolution for VP9/HEVC Codec PDF
Debajyoti Pal, Vajirasak Vanijja 139-147

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