Vol 8, No 7

Pioneering Future Innovation Through Green Technology III

Chief Editor: Loh Ser Lee
Editors: Irma Wani binti Jamaludin, Nur Rafiqah binti Abdul Razif, Nur Maisarah binti Mohd Sobran, Chong Shin Horng, Gan Chin Kim

Table of Contents


Position Tracking Optimization for An Electro-hydraulic Actuator System PDF
C. C.Soon, R. Ghazali, H.I. Jaafar, S.Y. S.Hussien, S. M. Rozali, M.Z. A. Rashid 1-6
Voltage Stability Assessment of Power System Network using QV and PV Modal Analysis PDF
Ahmad Fateh Mohamad Nor, Marizan Sulaiman 7-11
A Qibla Compass for Visually Impaired Muslims PDF
I. Salleh, M.Z. Md. Zain, M.H. Soad, A.R. Musa, M. Mohamad, M. Hussein 13-16
Auto-Segmentation Analysis of EMG Signal for Lifting Muscle Contraction Activities PDF
E.F. Shair, A.R. Abdullah, T.N.S. Tengku Zawawi, S.A. Ahmad, S. Mohamad Saleh 17-22
Investigating the Impact of Photovoltaic Connection to the Malaysian Distribution System PDF
Mohd Khairi Mohd Zambri, Mohd Shahrieel Mohd Aras, Alias Khamis, mohd Hendra Hairi 23-28
Performance Comparison of EMG Signal Analysis for Manual Lifting using Spectrogram PDF
T.N.S. T.Zawawi, A.R. Abdullah, E.F. Shair, S.M. Saleh 29-34
Design Process and Hydrodynamic Analysis of Underwater Remotely Operated Crawler PDF
Iktisyam Zainal, Mohd Shahrieel Mohd Aras, Muhammad Nizam Kamarudin, Mohamad Haniff Harun, Mohd Khairi Mohd Zambri, Alias Khamis, Anuar Mohamed Kassim 35-39
Multi Device Interleaved DC/DC Converter for Fuel Cell Applications PDF
N.H. Abu Khanipah, A. Maaspaliza, Z. Ibrahim, N. Abd Rahim 41-45
Review of Multilevel Inverter Topologies and Its Applications PDF
W. Abd Halim, S. Ganeson, M. Azri, T.N.A Tengku Azam 51-56
Soil Enhancement Material using Palm Oil Ashes (POA) for Grounding Purposes PDF
M. Rosyidi A., M. Fauzi A, C.W. Yong, M. Khalis, M. Sazali S., Saharul A. 47-50
Vision Based Identification and Detection of Initial, Mid and End Points of Weld Seams Path in Butt-Welding Joint using Point Detector Methods PDF
H. N. Mohd Shah, M. Sulaiman, A. Z. Shukor, M. Z. Ab Rashid 57-61
Electrical Characteristics of Non-thermal Dielectric Barrier Discharge Devices with Coaxial Wire-cylinder and Wire-windings Configurations PDF
Ahmad Zulazlan, Mooktzeng Lim, Kanesh Kumar Jayapalan, Kailok Lai, Oihoong Chin 63-66
Mitigation of Voltage Sag in Distribution Line using 6 Pulse D-STATCOM PDF
A. Mohamad Shukri, S. Salimin, S. A. Zulkifli 67-70
Optimization of Sliding Mode Control using Particle Swarm Algorithm for an Electro-hydraulic Actuator System PDF
C. C. Soon, R. Ghazali, H. I. Jaafar, S.Y. S.Hussien, S. M. Rozali, M. Z. A. Rashid 71-76
Analysis of Three-Link Position Control during Sit to Stand Motion PDF
Mohd Zaki Ghazali, Muhammad Fahmi Miskon, Fariz Ali, D. Mohd Bazli Bahar 77-82
Comparison of Tactile Discriminations to Verify the Undetectable Region of SUS Foil Thickness PDF
Mohammad Azzeim Mat Jusoh, Masahiro Ohka, Tetsu Miyaoka 83-86
Design a Slot-Less Linear Actuator for Food Processing Application PDF
R.N. Firdaus, S. Zulaika, K. Kamalia, R. Suhairi, M.Z. Aishah, M.N. Othman, A. Khamis 87-91
A Comprehensive Review on Power Flow Controller Devices in Transmission Line PDF
A.S. Saifuddin, K. Kamil, H. Hashim 93-96
Development of Portable Air Conditioning System Using Peltier and Seebeck Effect PDF
N. Shafiei, M.H. Harun, K. A. M. Annuar, M. F. A. Halim, M. S. M. Aras, A. H. Azahar 97-100
An Analysis of Sensor Placement for Vehicle's Blind Spot Detection and Warning System PDF
Mohammad Herman Jamaluddin, Ahmad Zaki Shukor, Muhammad Fahmi Miskon, Fariz Ali @Ibrahim, Muhammad Qamarul Arifin Redzuan 101-106
Quick Design of Switched Reluctance Motor and Effect of Switching Angle ANSYS MAXWELL PDF
K. Abdul Karim, N. Abdullah, M. N. Othman, R.N. Firdaus, Z.M. Zulfattah, N.Z. Zainal 107-110
Simulation of Tele-Operated Electro-Hydraulic Actuator and Excavator's Boom PDF
Hamdan Sulaiman, Ahmad Anas Yusof, Mohd Noor Asril Saadun, Saiful Akmal Sabaruddin 111-116
Wireless Voice-Based Wheelchair Controller System PDF
A. F. Kadmin, A. Z. Jidin, Abu Bakar, K. A. A Aziz, W. N. Abd Rashid 117-122
Estimation of Nonlinear ARX Model for Soft Tissue by Wavenet and Sigmoid Estimators PDF
M. A. Ayob, W.N W. Zakaria, J. Jalani, N. Mohamed Nasir, M.R. Md Tomari 123-128
Tracking Control of Vertical Pneumatic Artificial Muscle System Using PID PDF
M.H. Tan, S.H. Chong, T.F. Tang, A.Z. Shukor, V. Sakthivelu, T.C. Ma, M.R. Md Nawawi 129-132
An Experimental of 3D Gantry Crane System in Motion Control by PID and PD Controller via PFPSO Optimization PDF
S.Y. S.Hussein, R. Ghazali, H.I. Jaafar, C. C. Soon 133-137
Analysis of 3D Gantry Crane System by PID and VSC for Positioning Trolley and Oscillation Reduction PDF
S.Y. S.Hussein, R. Ghazali, H.I. Jaafar, C. C. Soon 139-143
Earthquake Disaster Awareness System PDF
Ahmad Zaki Shukor, Gopalasamy ., Muhammad Fahmi Miskon, Fariz Ali@Ibrahim 145-149
Walking Motion Trajectory of Hip Powered Orthotic Device Using Quintic Polynomial Equation PDF
Marwan Qaid Mohammed, Muhammad Fahmi Miskon, Mohd Bazli Bahar, Fariz Ali 151-155
Stability of Linear Delay Differential Equations using Modified Algebraic Approach PDF
K. H. Mohammedali, N. A. Ahmad 157-163

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