Vol 8, No 5

May - August 2016

Table of Contents


Influential Factors on Switch Power Losses of a Buck Converter: A Reliability Approach PDF
Omid Alavi, Abbas Hooshmand Viki 1-6
Pixel-based Skin Detection Based on Statistical Models PDF
Ali Nadian-Ghomsheh 7-14
Challenges for 0.13µm Generation Shallow Trench Isolation on 0.18µm Equipment Platform PDF
Thung Beng Joo, Kader Ibrahim, Nurulfajar Abd Manap, Fauziyah Salehuddin 15-21
Impact of Different Dose, Energy and Tilt Angle in Source/Drain Implantation for Vertical Double Gate PMOS Device PDF
Khairil Ezwan Kaharudin, Fauziyah Salehuddin, Anis Suhaila Mohd Zain, Muhammad Nazirul Ifwat Abd Aziz 23-28
Multiple Transmitters & Receivers for Free Space Optical Communication Link Performance Analysis PDF
Fauzi Abdul Wahab, Tan Kien Leong, Hasnani Zulkifli, Mohamad Izuan Ibrahim, Muhamad Akmal Talib, Nur Ain Zamri, Omar Khatab Ibrahim 29-32
A Model Based Approach on Multi-Agent System and Genetic Algorithm to Improve the Process Management in Service Oriented Architecture PDF
Behnaz Nahvi, Jafar Habibi 33-40
Disturbance Observer-Based Motion Control for a Simple Direct Drive System PDF
Norhaslinda Hasim, S-H. Chong, H.K. Khor 41-47
A Novel Brain MRI Analysis System for Detection of Stroke Lesions using Discrete Wavelets PDF
Karthik R, Menaka R 49-53
Adaptive Impedance Tuning Network using Genetic Algorithm: ITuneGA PDF
Yan Chiew Wong, N.M. Mahmood, M.M Ibrahim, Syafeeza A.R., N. A. Hamid 55-60
Simulation Study on Different Logic Families of NOT Gate Transistor Level Circuits Implemented Using Nano-MOSFETs PDF
Ooi Chek Yee, Lim Soo King 61-67
Dual-band Stacked Patches Antenna Design with Three-Shaped Slots for GSM and WLAN Application PDF
Muhammad Majdi Saad, Mohd Nor Hussain, Kamarul Ariffin Abd Rashid, Misida Senon, Mohamad Zoinol Abidin Abd Aziz, Nornikman Hassan 69-74
Microstrip Bandpass Filter with Reconfigurable Notch Response at 5.2 GHz using Defected Microstrip Structure PDF
Mohamad Ariffin Mutalib, Z. Zakaria, N.A. Shairi, M.S.M. Isa 75-79
Background Correction using Average Filtering and Gradient Based Thresholding PDF
Wan Azani Mustafa, Haniza Yazid 81-88
An Effective Noise Reduction Algorithm in Signal Edge Detection PDF
Ehsan Ehsaeyan 89-94
A Review: Substrate Integrated Waveguide Antennas and Arrays PDF
Arvind Kumar, S. Raghavan 95-104
Performance Enhanced Iterative Soft-Input Soft-Output Decoding Algorithms for Block Turbo Codes PDF
Sudharsan V, Vijay Karthik, Vaishnavi J S, Abirami S, Yamuna B 105-110
Development of Wireless Power Transfer using Inductive Approach to Power Up Multiple Low Power Devices PDF
Mohd Shakir Md Saat, C.S. Hui, F.K. A. Rahman, Y. Yusop, S.H. Husin 111-117
Parametric Studies on Resonance Frequency Variation for Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting With Varying Proof Mass and Cantilever Length PDF
Bong Yu Jing, Kok Swee Leong 119-123
Impact Based Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting: Effect of Single Step’s Force and Velocity PDF
Ali Mohammed Abdal-Kadhim, Kok Swee Leong, Lau Kok Tee 125-129
Customer Classification using Learning Vector Quantization Neural Network PDF
Ari Basuki 131-135

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