Analysis on Energy and Coverage Issues in Wireless Sensor Network

N.H. Halim, A.A.M. Isa, A.M.A. Hamid, I.S.M. Isa, S. Saat, M.S.M. Isa, M.S.I.M. Zin


Two major fundamental issues in Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) are energy efficiency and coverage. Energy efficiency is the result of controlling and maintaining the energy usage. A method is considered as energy efficient if it can provide more services with the same amount of energy input, while coverage efficiency is measured by how long and how well a sensor monitors the subjected area. Hence, to obtain an energy and coverage efficiency, maximizing the coverage by reducing the energy consumption needs to be achieved. Our paper presents the potential of Derivative Harmon Search Algorithm (DHSA) in a connected WSN to achieve deployment of node that can cover optimal area and at the same time give low energy consumption.


Coverage; Energy Efficiency; Harmony Search Algorithm; Wireless Sensor Network;

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