Distributed Content Communication Architecture for the Development of Aerocity Area

Enang Rusnandi, Ahmad Ashari, Mardhani Riasetiawan


The content distribution and retrieval efficiency are needed to have a business process flow. Several conditions are often a problem in a communication network, so an effort is required to provide architectural models that meet the required needed, especially in the Aerocity area. Therefore, content distribution and retrieval architecture are needed through communication networks that match the characteristics of the Aerocity area, which are generally divided into clusters, ranging from airport clusters, housing, commercial businesses, and others. Research that deals explicitly with this field is still not widely available. This paper aims to discuss the distribution and retrieval model of content that can be developed using a distributed system approach. Besides, this paper will provide a review of previous studies and propose architectural models.


Aerocity Area; Clustering; Distributed Content Communication Architecture; Retrieval;

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