Design Modeling and Characterizations os SOI-based Parallel Cascaded MRR Array (PCMMRA) By Coupled Mode Theory

Hazura Haroon, Sahbudin Shaari, Menon P.S, N. Arsad, Hanim A.R


We present a comprehensive analytical modeling of a Silicon-on- Insulator (SOI) -based Parallel Cascaded microring resonator Array (PCMRRA) by coupled mode theory (CMT) using the transfer matrix model. The transmission characteristics are analysed and the optimized design parameters are discussed. Analytical results show that higher order microring has a flatter passband and steeper roll-off. With a ring diameter of 12μm and a coupling gap of 100nm, the calculated FSR value is 14nm with the insertion loss of 0.43dB. For verification, we compare these results with the results obtained from the Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) commercially available software


Microring Resonator; Coupled-Mode Theory; Transfer Matrix Method; Cascaded Mirroring

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