Dual-Band e-Shaped Antenna for RFID Reader

M. Abu, E.E Hussin, M.A Amin, T.Z M.Raus


This paper proposes two dual-band antenna designs with e-shaped slot which operate at two different Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) frequencies. The e-shaped antennas aredesigned at 2.45GHz & 5.8GHz, and at 0.92GHz &2.45GHz. In addition, the optimized antennas arefabricated using two different Taconic substrates with permittivity of 3.54 and 3.2respectively. Based on the simulation and measurement conducted,the dual-band e-shaped antenna providedhigher gain compared to the previous dual-bande-shaped antenna designed using the FR4 board. For the dual-band antenna operates at 2.45 GHz &5.8 GHz the obtained gains are9.74 dB and10.5 dB respectively. While, for the dual-band antenna operates at 0.92 GHz &2.45 GHz, the gainsof 6.16 dB and 8.93 dB arerecorded at their resonances. The functionability of these antennas is proven as an RFID reader both at Ultrahigh frequency (UHF) and at microwave frequency (2.45 GHz).


e-shapped slot antenna; dual-band; RFID

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