Quality of Service Mapping Over WiFi+WiMAX and Wifi+LTE Networks

Dmitry Zvikhachevskiy, Juwita Mohd Sultan, Kaharudin Dimyati


In this paper we analyse two of the most widely used types of hybrid networks: WiFi + WiMAX and WiFi + LTE. For each of these networks we generate QoS mapping table, optimize the table for various practical scenarios and evaluate the performance of the constructed networks. The performance validation is based on detailed simulation and shows thateach combination of hybrid network has its own specific advantages and constraints intermsof number of users, preference, coverage and applications. We analyse the obtained results and provide recommendations on how these results could be utilized when developing QoS requirements for future wirelessbroadband hybrid networks.


hybrid networks; LTE; QoS; Wi-Fi; WiMAX

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